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  1. Played this yesterday. New on the machines in Betfred. Got the jackpot. Nice. But...Kings was the expanding symbol. £2 spin. Got £108 off 8 spins. Game retriggered and on spin 12 got a full screen of Kings which paid £392 instead of£500 because obviously the max is £500. Seems wrong that a) I didn't get all my spins and b) it gives a jackpot on just Kings. So all the premium symbols would pay much more than£500 but you'll never get the value.
  2. Cheers m8 - will keep battling on and it will get sorted.
  3. There is a lot of publicity now about the downside of gambling. I am an addict. I am in a lot of debt because of gambling. I gamble to avoid thinking how f***d up my life is and what a total retard I am. My gambling takes me off being isolated and suicidal - for a few hours. But, most of all, and the point of this post, I enjoy gambling when I get the chance. The fact that gamblers enjoy gambling - even if that enjoyment is short-lived and 'fake' never seems to get mentioned in all the chat nowadays. It's because it is enjoyable that it is hard to give up. There are a lot of triggers which drive me to the bookies - I have managed, finally, to get onto Gamstop - times of the week, the type of weather it is even. My brain associates those triggers with the pleasure of gambling. Am I the only one who feels this or am I talking a lot of bollocks?
  4. Good idea - won't deter the persistent gambler but will act as a handy brake and make those of us with problems stop and think before just clicking and spending.
  5. Just a creative way to do a slots video - wouldn't have thought of this one myself so top marks for trying something different
  6. Played it in Betfred and lost all the money without getting a spin FFS. So new roulette is a pile of toss and I predict it will disappear off the FOBTs
  7. Losing less in the bookies now so stake cut is having a good effect
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