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  1. Darren

    Betfred fobt robbery

    'Leaders of the free spins world appears to return under £20 on the bonus when I've played at £2' That's always been a very low paying slot, and now with a lower RTP it'll pay even less!
  2. Thanks Mentholdan. Megaways are all pretty much the same, but they are very popular at the moment.
  3. Wow, 178 free spins! I bet that went on for a while. That's got to be a record!
  4. Current gambling regulation seems to be all over the place at the moment. Bonus buys gone but no limit on any slot stake, with some going up to £500 a spin! Bookies still have to show warnings and time-out pop-ups, yet arcades do not even though they are now both exactly the same games! The £50 mega spins outlawed but bypassed instantly with the Premium Plays, and now in arcades too. The ones that are still here with the license will still stay, I doubt new ones would emerge.
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