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  1. I’m an electrician and company I used to work for had contract for led changes in all Betfred’s and when this new stake come out they cancelled contract as they didn’t wanna spend money on shops and I know they have cloesed quiet a few. The bookies will get round it they’ll open the shops as gaming shops abit like these arcade shops and get rid of sports betting keep them online. Bookies ain’t daft they’ll get around it. Mistake me if I’m wrong but I think paddy power And Ladbrokes have opened these kind of shops in London and Birmingham.
  2. I’m not a fan to be honest I always did fortune spins. Only slot I play on £2 is worms reloaded that’s my fav even that I preferred fortune spins, it was abit diffrent than all the other fortune games with the crates, would love a vid just on worms like, all vids you played it you haven’t seemed to have any luck. That’s my my luckiest slot. Love watching the bonus hint vids on the online slots though.
  3. Feel like should have just killed off roulette that’s where all the money’s lost/won
  4. I loved the fortunes spins worms reloaded was my game, the stake change had kinda killed it for me🙁
  5. Hey everyone, who’s watching champions league?
  6. How do you know who has signed up, so you get a notification? Don’t wanna miss our mate.
  7. I’m a Liverpool fan, hope Tottenham spank em but I’ve got to admit Man City are strong, roll on Manchester derby. Only time I’ll ever root for Manchester United😂😂
  8. Will there be less videos in the bookies with the new £2 stake limit and more online play videos?
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