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  1. OK thanks for the info.
  2. From past experience the welcome bonus is offered after my deposit and there is no going back.
  3. Please can anybody suggest me a slot site where preferably I can pay with Paypal but not so important. It must be a site where if they offer a welcome bonus it does not come with a wagering bonus or a site without a welcome bonus. Now totally fed up with Gamesys.
  4. kfoto

    oled tv

    Yes I used Kodi with various free movie apps, and recently still used Showbox, but not anymore. However I still use Kodi as a brilliant media player with more options than VLC. I can download a movie on my PC transfer to a flash drive and plug into the Mi Box. Then watch it using Kodi.
  5. kfoto

    oled tv

    Well that was interesting to read about OLED and when my existing 42" Sony HD goes west that will be the way to go. I only stream TV, do not watch live TV so no licence required. Have had a variety of streaming devices over recent years but after watching reviews on a particular one I am not disappointed at all with it. First up it is one of the very limited range of 4K receivers of Netflix and Youtube, but it is also a genuine Android box with mouse and voice control. It is the Xiaomi MI Box S at around £70 and in my mind worth every penny.
  6. kfoto

    BGO greed.

    I bet their customer base is very small, so they charge for deposits and withdrawals to cover their overheads. Ripping people off with 50x wagering requirement on a measly fiver is just pure avarice. I bet their head office CEO never sees a customer's complaint email so now they will get mine.
  7. Yes I was quite surprised to see such a low bet, but as I never play more than 40p it was in my league. Last evening I started with £20 extra win that I did not bank and played for 3 hours to a max of £45. Then it all went pear shape and I was down to just £1.20. Oh well just 3 more spins left and I will call it a night. But the next one was a whopper (well for me it was) £88. (4 x 7=200 x .02 x 22). Now if the lower left 7 was a bubble then 5 x 7 = £220. I am waiting to get 5 bubble wilds coz at my 40p play equals £8800.
  8. kfoto

    Fishin' Frenzy

    I do not have any banned lists as such because all slots are just a game of chance. In March I won several hundred pounds on some Gamesys slots that since then I avoid as my wins were exceptional never to be repeated. But I do play Double Bubble now regularily and have won a fair bit on my 40p spins. I spend about £400 a month and it is a diversion from watching TV just a form of entertainment. I am not an addicted gambler but use this as a tool to add to my existence pleasure. I do not need to live on credit as I have a sizeable nest egg and prefer to play on slots instead of taking holidays and going out. Having lived in the Scottish Highlands for many years, homelife and now being single is the best for me.
  9. I returned recently to BGO having not played there for 2 years, forgot I had even registered with them. They welcomed me back of course and just played on a few slots without any real returns. I used to play Halloween Fortune ages ago elsewhere and as they had this played a few quid but got just lots of small wins. I had hoped that their offer of free spins without wagering based on deposits would cover their admin fees that nobody else charges that I know of. After seeing so many people winning on Diamond Mine on Youtube I checked them out yesterday and they had it. So deposited £30 and noticed I did not get the loyalty bonus. BUT after a few spins up pops a box saying an offer of £5 bonus with lots of unreadable small text, on my phone so thinking it was my loyalty bonus I accepted it. Played Diamond Mine and got 2 bonuses playing at 40p a spin as per norm. Then with a fair size balance I decided to update my spin value to 60p, but a pop up box said you are limited to only 50p a spin. WTF is this. So I check my account and I was gobsmacked at the result. It said I now had a wagering requirement of x50 for accepting the £5 bonus. I was livid and wrote to their support with words like this site is just full of greed and closed my account that they have accepted. So be warned of their devious tactics. I hope they go bust after Brexit.
  10. kfoto

    Fishin' Frenzy

    Yes that is like my second play and have won nowt since I played again. Like you I will not play again.
  11. kfoto

    Buffalo Rising

    Wow, you can't beat a big win. I need some of that after a disastrous £175 loss last evening. My fault for not looking in my crystal ball prior.
  12. kfoto

    Fishin' Frenzy

    Decided to try this slot and so pleased I did. Played my usual 40p a spin, the first spin gave me £2.40 and then 3 spins later the bonus of £70.60. The next 10 spins produced nothing but the next one another bonus of £19.80. Then I decided to leave as I could not imagine another bonus!! So for a £6 outlay I get back £92.80. So for £2 a spin, outlay £30, win £464, not a bad return eh.
  13. Well when you live in Norwich, Gt. Yarmouth is avoided like the plague. The place is overrun with amusement arcades, but there are 3 casinos now if they take your liking.
  14. kfoto

    Big win for me.

    Maybe some are not familiar with this slot. So the lower bubble line is a winning line multiplier of 22. So in my case I had 4 sevens which is valued at 200, then times the coin size of 2p, giving £4. Then the multiplier to £88. £1.50 came from the 3 oranges.
  15. kfoto

    Big win for me.

    Hi, I am a regular player but never intentionally play higher than 50p. I play a slot called Double Bubble most days and totter between 20p and 40p plays. The reason behind these bet changes is often you can get a run of minor wins and then I up to 40p. The highest regular wins I've had amount to £44, but last evening I had a big surprise. I deposited £10 and played on Double Bubble 6 x 40p, then 4 x 20p, then 1 x 40p amounting to £3.60, but got little wins totaling £3.36, so down 24p. Decided next play at 40p and got £89.50. So if Stop and Step was playing say £5 he would have got £1100.
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