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    Well my 2nd evening with Casumo was interesting. Finding my way round their app proved to be good news. Started with a tenner and played for 4 hours without making any more deposits and still closed with a balance. Certainly got many bonuses although those on 1429 Uncharted Seas each averaged a fiver at 50p a spin. Found two of my past favourites because if you get the bonus it can be big. First up was Warlords and the bonus came up with 15 free spins, then those got retriggered to a massive 75 spins. Can't recall exactly how much I had won but it was around 50 quid for 30p spins. The next
  2. I need some good ideas of what to play next on Casumo. Any others amongst their multitudes will be most welcome.
  3. Registered with Casumo yesterday and decided to play some of the slots that Stop & Step has done so. One of which was Tome of Madness that was totally new to me or tome!! Anyway had no idea how it works but stuck to my 50p max and on the first spin it went crazy. Left it playing away whilst I got my camera and when it finally finished this was the result. Wow a good start, may it continue. Well it didn't coz went to play Wild Swarm and a tenner disappeared without one single win. Bye bye bees!!
  4. I forgot to mention that I played King Kong Cash (not megaways) for the first time and got a bonus with several multiples but forgot to photo it. Anyway I was playing 40p and won £56. Also had some of those barrel throws and pick a chest I think.
  5. I play on an android tablet and with so many slots just touching the spin button can stop all reels. Some slots have the words "touch" next to the spin button which stops the reels but some say nothing, so I just try it and see. Another one that comes to mind is Bloodsuckers 2.
  6. I decided after seeing it played here to give it a go and liked the idea of stopping the reels. So when 2 white rabbits appeared I managed to stop the next reel on the rabbit. So pleased I did not buy the Feature Drop as you can see. For 30p it was not a bad return, should have been playing a higher stake.
  7. Thanks MancMoz I will take a look.
  8. Thanks for the help. I have emailed Casumo and in their reply they have said that I can opt out of a welcome bonus and ongoing bonuses via my account if I so wish. Your solitary help here is very much appreciated. Thanks and good luck.
  9. OK thanks for the info.
  10. From past experience the welcome bonus is offered after my deposit and there is no going back.
  11. Please can anybody suggest me a slot site where preferably I can pay with Paypal but not so important. It must be a site where if they offer a welcome bonus it does not come with a wagering bonus or a site without a welcome bonus. Now totally fed up with Gamesys.
  12. Yes I used Kodi with various free movie apps, and recently still used Showbox, but not anymore. However I still use Kodi as a brilliant media player with more options than VLC. I can download a movie on my PC transfer to a flash drive and plug into the Mi Box. Then watch it using Kodi.
  13. Well that was interesting to read about OLED and when my existing 42" Sony HD goes west that will be the way to go. I only stream TV, do not watch live TV so no licence required. Have had a variety of streaming devices over recent years but after watching reviews on a particular one I am not disappointed at all with it. First up it is one of the very limited range of 4K receivers of Netflix and Youtube, but it is also a genuine Android box with mouse and voice control. It is the Xiaomi MI Box S at around £70 and in my mind worth every penny.
  14. I bet their customer base is very small, so they charge for deposits and withdrawals to cover their overheads. Ripping people off with 50x wagering requirement on a measly fiver is just pure avarice. I bet their head office CEO never sees a customer's complaint email so now they will get mine.
  15. Yes I was quite surprised to see such a low bet, but as I never play more than 40p it was in my league. Last evening I started with £20 extra win that I did not bank and played for 3 hours to a max of £45. Then it all went pear shape and I was down to just £1.20. Oh well just 3 more spins left and I will call it a night. But the next one was a whopper (well for me it was) £88. (4 x 7=200 x .02 x 22). Now if the lower left 7 was a bubble then 5 x 7 = £220. I am waiting to get 5 bubble wilds coz at my 40p play equals £8800.
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