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  1. DaveM, cheers for that information, I just watched it. Cringing stuff 😂🤣
  2. Does anyone know what Roshtean has done to upset some other streamers, I hear them say he should explain himself, but they don’t say what he has done
  3. Ha ha im sure you were devastated 😉 its amazing how brave these guys get after a can of lager!!!
  4. Nomadsteve1

    Craig slots

    Did anyone witness Craig slots live stream last night, I was watching on and off and each time I logged in he was getting more pissed, my last visit was at about 2:30am and that’s when he started banning people who made a comment that he did not like, some of the comments were derogatory but some were just some just opinions, it really did make some car crash streaming, I always think if alcohol makes you a bad person then surely you should stay away from it when you are living streaming,
  5. I did hear about him doing this, I can’t work out the logic in doing this, I can only guess that there is a slot that is exclusive to these two sites and that is why he excluded from only two out of 100s of different sites, unless I’m missing something 🤔
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