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  1. That is huge! Well done. I think you should get another spin? I don't recall having it twice, but it sounds like it should do it.
  2. Thank you to everyone who entered. The winners of this contest were: Fight Collective, Carl Barker, Idyemyhairred, John Williams & Sam Wright. Each of you have won a £100 Amazon voucher and a Step & Step coffee mug 🙂
  3. I've had a lot of bonuses on this over the years, I've never reached this amount of free spins!
  4. Happy birthday Dianne Abbott..Oh and you too 😄 Have a great day!
  5. My local garage just coned up the forecourt 😞 Time to get the bike out 🚴‍♂️
  6. That was brilliant! Well done.
  7. Hi, It was posted on one of the previous weeks videos, there is a post here too: There's more contests coming soon too 🙂
  8. Hi, It's not out in the UK until the 30th, then I'll give it a play.
  9. Hey, nice win! I enjoyed this game in the arcades, but it's been taken off the newer terminals that I play.
  10. Starburst Extreme has an option where you can buy wilds. It's 10x stake for one guaranteed wild, or 95x stake for two guaranteed wilds. What do you think?
  11. I was just looking at what slots to play, and there's now a Bigger Bass Bonanza! I'll give it a go for Friday, but it looks like people love these fish games! 🐟
  12. The winners from last weeks Cossacks the Wild Hunt video are: Dean Simister, World of Boxing, Carl, Ants Angling, Reviews UK, Kriss Sterjo, Aaron Edwards and Terry Garbett. All winners will receive a £100 Amazon gift card and a Stop and Step mug 🙂 Winners have been notified via their YouTube comment entry, so if you think you have won, check your original comment for a reply. The deadline to claim prizes for this contest is the end of September. Thanks everyone for entering, and congratulations to the winners.
  13. Hi, it's not being announced yet. It will be posted on here and in a video by Friday.
  14. I've played the game a lot over the years and have only ever had the red key twice, and they were both in the same session!
  15. I used to really enjoy Cashino, it was kind of like Elvis with three or more roulette wheels awarding a spinning wheel bonus.
  16. Pragmatic has a lot on free play here, https://www.pragmaticplay.com/en/games/ Inspired Gaming have a lot here, https://inseinc.com/interactive/games/
  17. It happens to the best of us, NASA lost a $125m Mars orbiter due to a wrong measurement, so your mistake isn't that bad 🙂 On the plus side, the horse racing will look amazing on 75inches!
  18. Firstly you need to self-exclude yourself from the bookies. You can do it in shop, or use this service: https://self-exclusion.co.uk/ . If you really wish to continue with your bets, as Seaton Slots suggested, ask someone else to place the bet for you. Good luck, and let us know when you've done the first part.
  19. From a 20p bet! Brilliant, very well done.
  20. Brilliant win! I've not had a decent coin hit, but I haven't played the game too often.
  21. Bite alarms! In my day we used floats 🎣
  22. I'll start by saying that all of the bookies I play in, the staff in the vast majority are really nice. The Ladbrokes closest to me had a right old windbag in there, but I think she's left now. In the cities and bigger towns, the staff may come across less friendly but they do get a lot of shit from customers so that probably explains it.
  23. The one I played was on 88% on £2 stake, they certainly don't like repeat players in some locations.
  24. A great game that one, well done.
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