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  1. Safecracker pls and best of luck looking forward to watching the stream
  2. Cheers guys well it got the better of me I went back in took another £160 and only paid £80 guttered need to learn to stay away after a good win
  3. So just been in admirals playing buffalo rising, £140 in and it drops jackpot base game, carried on as I still hadn’t had a bonus a £100 later and still no bonus they claim it is random so after what must have been 500 spins I moved on my question should I have walked straight after the jackpot and played on a different terminal or as the chances of getting a bonus just the same even after a big win
  4. Well If I ever have even half of that again I’m going to book a holiday not the bookies
  5. Great to see someone making a profit this week, I hit William hill 20p roulette was going great some good wins and with £9 worth of chips it was hitting the spin regular then in the last 7 days I’ve lost £1800 playing the same way, just feels like they have totally changed the odds of even getting a spin some times taking £30 to get a £9 spin. Any one else still playing roulette in the bookies?
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