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  1. Dublin maybe? 🇮🇪 Wherever it is, may the luck of the Irish be with you ☘️
  2. I think there'll be 7 bonuses 🌈 And you'll be in profit 💷 Good luck!! 🤞
  3. My go to slot is paper wins jackpot on Heart Bingo. I'll play away on demo at the others but it's my number 1 for real play. Also love to play the scratch card game on there, Wags Shopping Spree. Usually get playing for a while with my deposits. But luck is luck, it comes and goes.
  4. Hello everyone, just in threw the door brand new 😊 Love watching the videos on YouTube. Thought I would come in here and see what the craic is. Wishing you all good luck and best of luck to Darren. Keep the vids coming, they're great!! xodionnexo
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