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  1. Nice win indeed mate, well played.
  2. Nice win mate. Happy days . I had a quick go of that last week . Looks good and yes plenty of potential . Good luck dude.
  3. It was the mystery wishes bonus guys on Genie Jackpots megaways .. it spun in loads of the top symbol .. was like whooaaaa.
  4. Massive 2400x win on Genie Jackpots. Hope everyone is ok and safe . Take care everyone happy spinning
  5. Wow that's crazy ... crazy money. Would pay my mortgage that ha ha . Nice one 🙂
  6. Ooooooooo nice 1250x on Genie Jackpots megaways .. first big win in a few weeks though , I thought the genie was isolating, haven't seen him for a while . Stay alert all and stay safe .
  7. Yes same here , made up the footy is starting up again... good luck
  8. Not a bad little rub, I've had a bit of success on diamond mine the original one but your right I tend together bonus on free spins maybe it's to suck you in I'm not sure but always fun to win on free spins , there's a good one on sky vegas were you get mystery free spinsif you stake more than £40 per week on slots. The spins range from 25 to 50 spins again 10p spins but worth a go . I might join casimba as you get a decent welcome bonus . Hope you keep winning .
  9. Same here , I tend to stick to megaways slots .. I think they pay the best on small stakes . I've been playing one called lightning strike megaways on sky vegas , it's pretty good to be honest with a decent concept. Have you had a go of beetlejuice megaways ? I got the bonus on rick and morty too which paid 250x. Ha ha you're right once you get a decent win then the same slot tends not to pay toll you've paid back the win. Happy spinning dude let me know if you get any good wins .. good luck . 🙂
  10. Very true it's a massive amount of money to win from 1 spin , we can only hope from our small stakes . I got Jackpot King before, I was excited , it then paid 10x ... good rush though . Have you been playing anything different recently worth mentioning?
  11. Eye if Horus has got massive potential your right it's just way to volatile for me .. I've had a few bonuses in it but only won pennies similar to Darren he doesn't have much luck either there's a good one called vault of anubis I've been playing. Base game isn't much good but the bonus is cool it often gives a big multiplier as it's a win often slot.
  12. Wow that's amazing 420k win .. I'd cry doing £20 spins if I lost ha ha fait play though gotta bet big to for the giant wins like that unless you get Jackpot King. I've been playing beetlejuice megaways .. the win lines are small but with the bonus you normally get a big multiplier. Good luck and happy spinning 🙂
  13. Nice win my mate, happy days.. I've had success on safecracker, think it spun in 6 safes randomly , il have to have a go at legacy , it looks interesting. Cheers for that good luck .
  14. You're right vautour , I seem to get frequent decent wins on Genie though , if anyone can suggest a game similar to the gameplay of Genie il give it a go. What games are good for you vautour? 🤔
  15. Nice 550x .. little 10p staked can do you proud especially on Genie Jackpots Megaways. Keep safe all.
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