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  1. This is my opinion from working and gambling in the shops. 2 weeks before Cheltenham, aintree grand national and royal ascot the machines stop paying out as much. You also find you are paying out less winners on the horse racing markets as for some reason bigger prices winners start flying in. During Cheltenham, grand national day and royal ascot you find your paying out a lot more on the machines and you spot that they seem to bonus a lot more. Anyone would think that they fiddle with the percentages. As a punter, the shops are busier at these times so more using
  2. I'm currently 4/4 on my nights selections with 1 more needed for 182 and quite a bit more
  3. Sorry totally forgot to stick this up here.
  4. Keep plugging mate and it will hit. I've stopped doing Lucky's, Canadians etc but I now do either doubles upwards or pick 6 horses and do trebles upwards but online with cover bets etc. Each day returns a profit and I'm regularly hitting 4/5 out of 6 and some days 6. Last night pitchers point cost me serious money after being caught on the line when fanning broke the whip rules on da Vinci. I'm still bitter about it obviously 😂 Will stick my selections up here later!
  5. It can only be a good thing let's be honest. It's silly to have unrealistic stakes. If people want to play higher have high stakes casinos for them.
  6. I started with 15 spins. Every hotel that you get after the first one that sets the free spins off gives you an extra 3 spins. So I hit a win that gave me the hotel and then hit another win for another hotel before it could start the free spins. Then every station gives you extra as said. It just annoyed me that it was dead spin city from around 30 spins in.
  7. I'm not going to lie I was quite disappointed with the number of spins I had and the multiplier I had built up but oh well.
  8. I'm beginning to think wild swarm is a bit of a scam. I've been building my swarm up for a few weeks now and reached the max but since reaching the max it's had 97 bees and no swarm £300 of deposits and numerous wins. I don't doubt when it finally does swarm of it ever does it won't pay me anywhere near what I've put in over the course of building. I've even had 3 bees at once go into the nest and nothing.
  9. That's not the reality of "palpable error" bets though. It would be more akin to walking into Curry's and buying a tv for £199 only to be told when it comes for delivery they had priced it wrong so your not getting the tv you wanted and instead they will give you a DVD player or something. As for this case it's been a computer error, the problem is that they have given him a reciept after he went in to collect his winnings that says they will pay him 25k because he was one of 2 winners. Now he could go to court with that and argue his case hoping that the judge sides with him as
  10. Hi mate, The hockey game.is breakaway deluxe.
  11. Do you mind if I reply to this mate? I've been using dream Vegas and playing £1 stakes. I found if I take any bonus I won't win, if I deposit and refuse a bonus I win. Since doing this I've found I walk away up virtually every time I play apart from wild swarm and that's solely cos I'm building my swarm. I only pay 3/4 games on it though:. Jammin jars (hit a bonus and walkaway even if it's crap), fat rabbit or fat santa (again bonus and walk), that hockey game (if you hit a bonus play on as you will hit it again and again) and wild swarm (bane of my life unless you get the w
  12. Faz42

    Opal fruits

    It's the same.as most megaways to bonus....can be rare but it always seems to pay out
  13. Faz42

    Opal fruits

    Took a ten min break in work and went onto skybet to see if they had any decent price boosts for Goodwood. Found £30 from the weekend so decided to play opal fruits 12 spins in this happened with 2 retriggers. £628.....lovely win and all withdrawn
  14. Wait till skybet/Vegas mess up. I had a problem on a game that the bonus wasn't working. It was one of the black knight games. I hit the bonus and it didn't give it me just spun like normal. Got straight into them to complain and they said without a screen shot to prove it nothing they could do. Obviously I was on a mission then. Happened a few spins later so I screenshot it and low and behold no bonus. Contacted them and they told me it would be investigated. Game was still there so I complained they were ripping people off! Took my complaint to ibas. Next day wen
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