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  1. Hopefully it’ll be with me by the weekend, you never know with Amazon - they delivered one of my Christmas presents to ‘a resident at my address’. Now I’ve been looking all around my house for the last couple of months, and I’m damned if I can find my lodger. It often sounds pretentious, but I honestly prefer vinyl. Something about the crackle when you place the needle on, the sound quality and even the memories of my childhood when sticking a record on. Ms Haze invested a good amount of money in a record player a couple of years ago - I must say that it’s probably the best household purc
  2. Godammit.... I mean Lazyspinz, not Lazyslots
  3. A little late, but just added it to my basket 🙂 Also, just realised there’s no love for Led Zeppelin yet. So many classic riffs, Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, Immigrant Song..... but this is the one that always stands out for me.
  4. I guess I’ll be waiting until everything’s back to close as normal as we can get - 21st June I think it was. Not going to the bookies to be kicked out after 15 minutes, sometimes it takes me a few minutes just to decide what to play. Might put a football bet on though. And if I’m lucky, use my second visit to pick up my winnings. 🙂
  5. I’ve not come across that before. The only thing I can think of is do you have location services turned on on your older devices? I think they need to do a location check before you can log in.
  6. It seems a really odd restriction. I’m not asked to prove my age if I go to Pornhub 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Another one I can recommend is new channel called Lazyslots. He’s only done 4 or 5 videos on mostly lower but varied stakes, but good content and the last couple of videos have been about an hour long. I can relate to the calm dejection when a bonus spins out to nothing. No flashy lights, just nice commentary and maybe a beer or whisky along the way. Definitely worth looking up his content.
  8. Seems like I have the same, nothing under subscriptions or channel. In fact, I can’t even find it on my home screen, so if someone could post the link that’d be great 🙂
  9. @Stepandstop Already withdrawn £350 and now browsing Amazon 🙂
  10. Decided to finally relent and try my luck online. Signed up with PP, put on a few football bets and headed to the slots. Managed to get this nice hit on Game Changer. The whole feature took about 40 minutes to play, each time the ‘Game Changer’ trial filled up, it was an extra fiver. But worth the wait for a 3200x (minus 10p) return.
  11. Nice hit! Always good to turn a 20p stake into actual money! 👍
  12. I’m not sure of the comments you’re talking about, but if you deleted them then I’m sure they needed deleting - StopandStep named you a mod so clearly trusts your judgement 👍
  13. I honestly don’t know whether 2020 was worse or better than 2019 but it’s worth remembering that although online slots have a higher percentage, they are more volatile than FOBTs as they don’t have the £500 limit. Due to COVID, a greater proportion of the videos last year have been online. So StopandStep may get a monster hit of 1000x online, which would be the equivalent of 4 jackpots on a FOBT. As the percentage over millions of spins averages around 95%, the RNG had a lot dead spins programmed into it to allow the bigger hits to be available. Each spin is independent, but the higher po
  14. How about a country themed slot session? You could choose Irish slots one day, maybe Egyptian slots the next. Although I must admit, I struggle after that...
  15. Nice hit! I’ve not played that game in years, but I remember the feature can pay well.
  16. Yeah, it seems to be affecting some people but not others but they do seem to be rolling this out across the board. There’s a thread from a couple of weeks ago where people raised this.
  17. Interesting read. But I’m glad they’re changing the ‘celebrating losses as wins’ part as that’s always annoyed me. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55899644
  18. Ms Haze has been on a new year diet, but has decided to have a day off this weekend and is cooking a Sunday roast with lamb. I'm thinking she should use chicken stock for the gravy but do you think she could get away with beef stock or would it be detrimental to the flavour of the lamb?
  19. Long week at work, now relaxing with Ms Haze, a couple of beers and this. Deep South and rock is how I’d describe it.
  20. I’m really not sure how this will work, even if I were to uploads docs, they’d show my real name rather than my YouTube name. Or will they accept any docs from anyone even if the name doesn’t match? I think I need to look into this further. @StopandStep out of curiosity, do you need to verify your age to upload age restricted videos?
  21. Looks much better now 👍
  22. I’ve not had that, I think it asked me for an age declaration when I signed up but definitely no proof of ID.
  23. I’ve always considered buying some of the 80s/90s fruit machines. Pink Panther, Andy Capp, Monopoly, Only Fools And Horses, Cops and Robbers, Eastenders (the first one with the 3 Eastenders symbols for the feature rather than the trail) Popeye, a JPM fairground one whose name escapes me.... then I realise it’d cost a fortune and I don’t have room for them...
  24. Nice long video there, I’m only about 10 minutes through but it looks good. I’ll watch the rest after work 👍
  25. One thing I’m not a big fan of is the font colour of the threads. Maybe my eyesight’s going but the green on white isn’t all that clear to me - maybe make it a slightly darker colour?
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