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  1. My local MP. I have opinions on society but don’t think this is the right place for me to air them. Amess was a bit of a figure of fun but all lighthearted. His appearance on Brass Eye will always stick out for me. My fear is that he was no extremist, definitely not far right, yet he’s been killed for his views in a democratic society. I can’t think of any other reason a man of 25 would go stab him in a church. This man must be imprisoned and hopefully no repercussions against people on the other side of the political spectrum. I have always believed that no one ever completely agrees with another person on everything. You can share a lot in common, but there will be things you disagree on. My mantra is to ignore those and focus on things you both like. Unfortunately the Twitter universe has put pay to that…
  2. Nice one! Gets quite a bit of rap that slot but it usually doesn’t take too long to bonus and can pay quite well. Was that with a retrigger?
  3. Not wishing to question your gambling prowess, but did you go into ‘profit’ on either card? When my new debit card came, I added to PP and activated it by depositing a fiver. When I went to make a withdrawal, it wouldn’t allow me to as it exceeded my total deposit amount. It still says that even now.
  4. Are they? I didn’t know that. Hopefully one day I can find out and prove you right though 😉 Only once have I ever got close to a 5 figure payout, mainly because I play lowest stakes. I got the Megapays feature on Millionaire and was 2 jacks away from £40k or so. As it happened I was still over the moon with the £1500 mini or midi pot (to date my biggest single win) as I was only playing 40p play!
  5. Completely agree about the editing, I’ve always preferred watching it warts and all as it’s more relatable. Guess I prefer watching the match live than the highlights on MOTD….
  6. Just a bit of an addendum, you will face the same issues if your card expires and you add your new one - the bookies will still treat it as a new card and you may have issues withdrawing. However NatWest automatically updated my Apple Pay details, as such PP treated it as the same deposit/withdrawal method so there was no issues as they had no exposure. Ps, I don’t work for Apple but can recommend it 😉
  7. I think the Jackpot King on PP is about £4.5m now. That’d take over 37 years to withdraw, and will be massively eroded by inflation….
  8. Very strange. Most online casinos will be with more than one acquirer in case there is an issue, but maybe something’s not right with their website. I’d never pay with PayPal, you have much less protection if something does go wrong. Paying by Apple Pay will make withdrawals a lot easier, especially if you only register one card. You put in £100, win £1000 and you should be able to withdraw it no problem. I work with a lot of online casinos as part of my job, and what they see is a lot of fraudulent activity. Primarily, it goes something like this. Punter registers a card ending 9999. He deposits £10. Punter then registers a card ending 0000. He deposits £1000. Punter then has a couple of sports bets totalling £10. This leaves him £1000 balance. Punter withdraws the £1000 onto the card ending 9999. A week or two later, Joe Bloggs looks at his bank statement. It seems that this punter has used Joe’s card to deposit £1000 into a casino. Joe contacts his bank and raises a chargeback. The online casino has little chance of successfully defending this and will lose the £1000. It’s already been withdrawn to the card registered in the punter’s name. The reason that online casinos are happier with Apple Pay is because they’re usually set up with 3DS 2. Rather than just typing card details into a website (which could be anyone’s details - this is why the casino above couldn’t defend the chargeback as they have no way of proving the customer is the cardholder), there are security checks prior to the card being registered, as such the liability for this would shift back to the cardholder’s bank rather than the casino. 3DS 2 also requires another layer of security, such as the thumbprint, pin code or facial recognition to verify the cardholder. This is also why you can pay for your £150 shopping trip with Apple Pay but not with contactless. Anyway, I’m rambling….. that’s a cracking result on Horus Megaways! I never often had much luck with that one.
  9. I really lack discipline…. I usually play until I’ve had a few features on 20p play. I’ve given up chasing a feature on one game - I used to say to myself ‘one was due soon’, although that’s more from my throwback days of compensated machines rather than thinking logically. 20p tends to have a lower percentage and is more volatile as you can win more than the 250x you would on £2 play, so sometimes I had some really bad days with 3 figure losses and no realistic chance of clawing it back.
  10. Damn…. I usually get about 30x when I hit that….. nice one!
  11. There were some on eBay a while back where the proceeds went to charity, but unless there’s something like that again I don’t think they’re on general sale.
  12. Back in my younger days, I used to spend a good few hours in the arcades on Southend seafront. The features and games were more interactive and it was a lot more fun, that seemed to cushion the blow of an almost inevitable (but not usually big) loss. Nowadays, the longer you stay watching a game animate to itself, the more likely you are to lose. I remember I went to Leisure Exchange arcade on Houndsditch one lunchtime and my first spin at £5 was jackpot. I walked away with £495 profit in about 30 seconds. Oddly enough, I felt almost cheated though. I’d won, but knew it was time to stop. What was I going to do on my lunch break now? Thankfully there was O’Neill’s, Barracuda, Slug And Lettuce or Dukes within about a 50 yard radius. *hic*
  13. I didn’t know there was an annual memorial service, it’s always nice to keep the candle going. I might take a look at going next year, into London and Northern Line so pretty easy to get to from Southend.
  14. Yesterday was 44 years to the day that the great man passed. Work’s done for the week so time for a Friday beer and some T-Rex with the better half.
  15. It’s definitely on PP, that’s the only one I ever joined so not sure what other sites it’s on.
  16. Nice one! Always had a love/hate relationship with that game. Rarely got a bonus and when I did it was naff but persevered because…… well, the above picture says why!
  17. One I used to enjoy was in the arcades rather than on FOBTs and was called High Roller. It was a poker game that went up to £5 a go. Every win would take you to the red/black ‘gamble’ screen where you couldn’t lose, but if you chose incorrectly then it’d award you whatever win you’d gambled up to. I also remember the big wheel with cash amounts on it had on top and would randomly trigger. Good fun.
  18. Thanks folks, I know the right thing to do is make sure she goes back to her home, I think I was just trying to convince myself otherwise. Only known her for a month or two but she is really is friendly. @ghost22 You’re right there, cats don’t often show loyalty, they go where they want to be. Reminds of something I heard once, ‘dogs think you’re god because you feed them. Cats think they’re god because you feed them’….
  19. Is it to the same card that you deposited with?
  20. Ms Haze and I moved a few months back and there were a few seemingly stray cats around our new area. They seemed pretty wary of people so we just kind of let them be. However there is one cat who seemed to pop into our garden every couple of days and relax by drinking out of our somewhat stagnant pond… she also seemed like the dominant cat in the area, and wasn’t afraid to mix it with the Tom cats. Eventually, this cat would come in for a timid stroke and then jump back a few yards. She seemed quite hungry and slim, but not emaciated. A few weeks later, she was passing by and I tempted her with a bit of sandwich ham. She would grab it with her claws and teeth and back off a yard or two, closer to the door to the garden. All of a sudden, she then became very friendly. I woke up one day and she was sitting on the window ledge by our kitchen window and wanted to come in. She’d come in for a bit of fuss and a ‘nearly sleep’ - she slept with one eye open and would appear to be sleeping until you got close to her and would stop and stare at you. Over time (well, about a month), she had her own food bowl, she’d come and go as she pleases, but as I was working from home she’d spend most the day napping in the front room where I worked, followed by sitting on my lap and then having another nap. She became very friendly and would love to sit on people’s laps, purring away whilst you stroked her. Anyway…. Ms Haze and I went away for a few days last week, and we had a friend come round and feed her in our absence. However when we got back, she was nowhere to be seen. That was until the doorbell went and our neighbour came round to pick up an Amazon delivery I’d taken for her. She asked if we were missing our friend with the red collar - she said that she’d been taken back to her home just around the corner from us. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that she’s safe and home, sad because we’d lost a companion - I’m a bit of a softy when it comes to cats. However, yesterday she popped round for the first time in a while (without her collar). She seemed very hungry and we still had some cat food left which she ate in seconds. She came in for some attention too, and jumped back and forth between me and Ms Haze. We put her out for the night and she was howling to come back in until the early hours of the morning. We let her be, as she has a home elsewhere. Once again, today she has come round, hungry as anything and wolfed down some more cat food. She’s come in to get some more attention and also to have a nap. She’s sitting on the corner of our bed, sleeping as we speak. My question is this - is it wrong to adopt her? Or would that be stealing her? Maybe we should encourage her to go back to her home, but she seems desperate to come and stay here with no bribery apart from food, shelter and attention. Which I suppose is all a cat wants….
  21. Over 300x is a great result! I always used to get to the x2 level and then it’d just give me 10 dead spins! 😆 Once again, it’s always good to see pocket change turn into an actual amount of money. £100 won’t set you up for life but will pay for a good evening out with Mrs Mentholdan.
  22. Great stuff, I’d have been happy just with the 100 coin!
  23. Congrats! It looks a good game that one. How big was the egg in the end and what was the multiplier?
  24. One of the games I used to avoid was Ooh Ah Dracula which was 84% on 20p play. It’s a shame because it’s quite an enjoyable game if you can get the bonus. I had some go to slots like El Torero on 90% and Burn Em Up 7s on about 95% I think. It didn’t mean I won more, it just meant I lost less! 😁
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