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  1. If you’re starting with £1k, I reckon you’ll have a good session and end up with £1,113.28
  2. Haha! Mentholdan, you sly old dog! 🍻
  3. Jeez, that’s hardcore but well done! I’m sticking to my 20p stakes when the bookies finally reopen.
  4. The missus and I went to watch the Grand National in the pub last year and she put a shout out on her Facebook messenger seeing if anyone wanted to join us. Up pipes a vegan friend..... ’That’s the horse racing isn’t it?’ ’yeah, we’ve picked a couple of horses each but just an excuse for us all to meet up for a beer - come join us!’ ’no thank you. How can you watch that? All the horses are mistreated!’ Yeah.... all of the horses in the Grand National are in a terrible state. All malnourished and can barely walk. Those poor winners who are in such bad condition and then put out to stud... dreadful life. ps - I have nothing against vegans, although I do hold a grudge against anyone who tries to force whatever ideologies and beliefs on anyone else. That’s why the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t knock on my door anymore.
  5. How about 2 Fat Cats if it’s bonus friendly?
  6. Eye Of Hor...... .....I’ll get my coat.
  7. I get nothing from my tupenny waterfalls YouTube channel.
  8. It’s one year already? Blimey, time flies! Happy birthday!
  9. Nice work! My best return is £125 on 20p stake on King’s Honour. Then I lost it all when I backed Beadle’s Teabag.
  10. Looking forward to it! 👍
  11. Haha! I’m up for that. Make it best of 3 to make it more exciting! 😆
  12. I know the feeling, the missus is self isolating and I can’t even buy a loaf of bread for love nor money. My usual Sunday activities involve meeting up with a few friends for a couple of pints and to watch the football and now that’s out of the window. I’m currently watching Inspector Morse and having a cup of tea. Rock n roll..... Heres hoping it doesn’t last too much longer, I turn 40 in less than 2 months and I’m buggered if I’m spending it sober.
  13. Pubs are closing after tonight too. And I’m up for 5am for work tomorrow so it’s gonna be a sober few weeks for me.
  14. Nice win! You should lump your winnings on Beadle’s Teabag now.
  15. Nice win Rob! I agree with you about the wins displaying in coins - you have no idea what you’ve actually won until the feature ends!
  16. It’s getting bad. Even the guy who walks around wearing a sandwich board saying ‘the end is nigh’ is working from home today.
  17. I bet the pants last longer than the free bet 😉
  18. Reminds me of my weekend acca betting slip....
  19. On a similar note, in an attempt to contain the virus they’ve stopped the traditional handshake before football matches throughout England and Scotland whilst 40,000 people are cramped together watching in the stands. Makes absolutely no sense to me!
  20. That’s terrible. And I can’t believe Camelot asked for CCTV footage?! You’d need to go to the police to obtain that, all for 4 measly pounds! Did they really think you were trying to scam them out of that?!
  21. Don’t follow my racing tips, you may as well back a clothes horse.
  22. I’m a little confused too, but that may be because I don’t play online though. Is it simply a cosmetic change as to how it appears when you play it? As in it looks like you’re playing a machine rather than an online game?
  23. After changing career and taking a pay cut (and tiring of heavy losses), I now only play 20p stakes on the FOBTs. However I really think the games they have are designed solely towards £2 spin players. Some examples:- •The gamble option is on/off/£5+. Bearing in mind that a £5 win on 20p stakes is the equivalent of £50 on £2 stake, the chance of hitting it are slim. •The autoplay function adds in increments of £10, the equivalent of £100 on £2 stakes. I play small because I like to play a few different games. I know I can play manually, or stop the autoplay when I want, but I still think it should add in increments of 5 or 10 plays for instance. •Fortune spins. This is more of a suggestion than a criticism, but maybe you can have 20p fortune spins rather than that option only being available for £2 play. You can keep the percentages the same (which is usually lower on small stakes) but it’d be nice to have the option to play them. Just some of my thoughts and wondered if any other low rollers thought the same?
  24. Sounds like a standard night out for me... 😉
  25. I can take him around Southend and show him the areas where you’re least likely to get stabbed.
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