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    First time playing this game, looks a bit cheapish like it was rushed into development but I can’t complain with the win.
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    he was having a night off bud👍
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    Seriously. Half a story. Are we getting chapter 2 next
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    I bet he's fell sleep 😂
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    brilliant win!love low stakes!i been doing eye of horus on 20p stakes lately👍
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    I like that idea, I have done Megaways Vs Original once before ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh6MgflarRg ) I like the idea of splitting it in to two videos, and there's several more that could be added, Ted and Wish Upon a Jackpot. I will try it for this Thursday and do it in two parts 🙂
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    He is having this Sunday off 😢
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