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  1. Hi, it's not being announced yet. It will be posted on here and in a video by Friday.
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  2. few spins later won a 2nd set of spins, caught fish 3 times but only caught tiddlers!!! 😞
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  3. I was playing goonies on Friday and had a win on £1 stake so did a few £5 spins and got the red key, it gave me Chunks truffle shuffle and only 5 of them. Thinking it was a duffer but then he turned into the skill and crossbones and it chucked a few more in. Paid £800. Only the 2nd time I've had the red key. Sorry no pics.
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  4. I've played the game a lot over the years and have only ever had the red key twice, and they were both in the same session!
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  5. I remember a game called Devil Of A Deal in the bookies about 10 years ago Best to play Mega Spins (£10 for 5! Think this may have been pre £2 normal stakes even), would bonus fairly often and it was a true odds 1 in 16 chance at £500 with no real decisions to make along the way as the offers were far too low and it didn't even give an offer for the final 2! Had more than a fair share of £500 jackpots off it
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