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    WOW rob just wow can’t believe how calm you was I’d be jumping up and down winning that amount congrats sir 👍
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    a good lift mate , excellent 👍
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    Hey guys, post your slot requests and sensible slot challenge ideas here. I'll try and play them all but some may take longer to get to than others. Slot challenge ideas can be anything sensible and within reach, such as 'play such and such Blueprint for every bonus', 'try to get 50 free spins on...'. That kind of thing.
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    I'm not going to lie I was quite disappointed with the number of spins I had and the multiplier I had built up but oh well.
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    why play megaways against normal games . its 2 different games surely the is nothing to compare ?? 1st bonus you get after 300 spins pays 100x the other bonuses after 5 spins and pays 10x . who wins ? pointless . but some nice hits there darren
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    Just a creative way to do a slots video - wouldn't have thought of this one myself so top marks for trying something different
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    I liked the idea, but thought it was more fair to compare how soon/much they cost to bonus. Like genie jackpots megaways, took £500 to bonus. But I liked the concept was a bit different
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    shame on 40p stake as i was well down
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    Had 40 spins today paid £202 any had more ?
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    Thanks for playing kings off honour today mate 👍🏻
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    What I find with this one is you need to hit the max megaways with a chance or community chest card (wherever they live) then the houses can roll in quickly as the wins repeat. but like all games you can bust a gut for the bonus only to be completely undewhelmed by the payout I think the lowest I have had was about £16 on a £1stake and about £270 at best. Anyway you dont have to bonus it in one session just play a bit with winning from other slots (did I really type that) and go for a bonus at their expense that what I tend to do with the likes of Lil Devil & White Rabbit... Anyway good luck with it step&stop
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    Hi daz Can you do a session on wild knights please in ladbrokes premium play of course.
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    Would like to see kings of honour
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