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    Hi guys, competition time. Simply guess my final balance at the end of tonight's Bonus Hunt. The two closest answers will each receive a £100 Amazon gift card. The competition will close right before I start opening the bonuses (when my balance is zero). One entry per account. No edited answers, if you want to change your answer, you'll have to delete your original guess and re-post. The thread will be locked at the start of opening the bonuses. Good luck.
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    Hey guys, this Sunday the 5th of April at 8pm I'll be doing another live bonus hunt. Let me know any slot suggestions and I'll try and play them live on stream. Just leave your slot suggestions as a reply below. Thanks a lot, and I'll see you there!
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    I look at it like this, if YOU donate money to his charity "the charity he supports that is" its a very kind and generous gesture. He also donates money to charity, but his income is from affiliate money which is either from people signing up to casinos through him or a percentage of what they lose at a casino they signed up to through him. So he is basically donating money that other people have lost. Yes it's still his money, but it's not like he has a paying 9-5 job like your average person and he takes a portion of that wage and donates it. He's only donating money that's made its way to him, mostly from someone else's misfortune. To make the pill harder to swallow, the charity receives a cheque and thinks wow, that nice Mr Nickslots is ever so generous. Its a very clever strategy, it makes him look good and in a way its condoning what he's doing. If the charity knew how he made his money would they still accept it? Most probably. Your promised a nice bonus if you sign up to a casino through most streamers but nearly all these bonuses come with a catch, "wagering requirements" and its just a one off thing when you sign up. Streamers get these bonuses "sticky and non sticky" every day. How else can they afford to lose thousands of pounds week after week with an occasional big win and still pay their mortgage and general bills like the rest of us? The only other way would be if they were incredibly wealthy and made their money from other sources to subsidise their hobby. Another thing I just cannot get my head around is why would anyone send money to a third party to donate it to charity for them when you can go on line and donate it yourself with a click of a button, it's actually easier. If you received an email asking you to donate to a specific charity via a third party, I guarantee you 100% you would send it to the trash. Finally, streaming slots is becoming more popular every day, streamers incomes are just growing and growing and many streamers are being accused of being fake. It's all very new and intriguing and seemingly very easy to fake. It's just the sort of thing investigative journalists want to get their teeth into, exposing fraudsters. It wouldn't surprise me to see a TV special about how affiliation works and how these fraudsters are making money from it. Perhaps Mick you'd be better off getting in touch with someone like an investigative journalist and run it by them. As for me, I watch streamers all the time, fake, real, I don't really care as long as I'm entertained. Apart from the grey area of donating to charity, the thing that really pisses me off when I'm watching them is when they tell the viewer that what they do is very hard work 😭😭😭 that's when they really insult my intelligence.
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    I don’t play much online nowadays but had a small go tonight and had worse results off a 40p spin.. 😀
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    Used to be the same at my old house, never understood how they managed to recruit such amazing looking women to their ranks, although clearly their marketing team realised their best hope of new recruits was sending said women to knock on doors of local single men and try to save us! Virgin Bet chucked me a free tenner yesterday evening, so Kimberlite Candy EW is a free shot on the virtual nags. Probably have a few more as the day goes on given that it feels like a guilt free bet when my losses head to a better cause than the bookies back pocket 😁
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    On the stream on Sunday you could not see twitch chat Darren
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    Jeez, that’s hardcore but well done! I’m sticking to my 20p stakes when the bookies finally reopen.
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    I enjoyed today's Napoleon hunt, my kind of slot.
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    Worms Reloaded or Top Cat 👍🏼
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    Darren following your live stream i have gone through 280 slots on low stakes to find games in which are bonus hunt friendly.... Be Aware BLUEPRINT have reprogrammed a lot of online slots since the corona outbreak and many no Do NOT save, including Wish Upon A Jp, that is now NOT friendly for a bonus hunt. heres the list of providers that i believe are based in the 280 games i played over the last 48hrs, i played them on dream vegas and casimbo also some on play ojo to see if they were different versions (un adapted) but they all appear to be the same updates. Merkur Amatic Big Time Gaming (BTG) as you already know Blueprint , only a few now though due to update Quickspin, as you already know Relax Gaming NETEnt, as you already know Push Gaming, as you already know Pragmatic Micro Gaming Endorphina Play'N'Go Thunderkick WMS (SG Gaming), again only a few now save, Zeus , moon shadow, wizard of oz and barkin mad don't save, and Rainbow Riches pots of gold and pick,n,mix only saved on One out of the 3 sites. Hope this helps you get some more variety, as i know you don't really want to sit there playing low stakes to check, hence why you usually play the same ones you've played before. Good Luck Darren !!
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    Genie strikes again .. congrats on your big genie win Darren the other day on genie, locking wilds is probably the best bonus.. here is another almost 1000x win on a tiny 10p stake . Hope your well mate .
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    Well done on the win. It's usually 2 to 3 days after the withdrawal request, they might be a little slower on the first withdrawal because of the ID check. I did mine ages ago, but I'm sure it was pretty fast.
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    Not a huge bonus as I had a lot of dead spins but this one definitely contains a monster win if your lucks in, Anyone else played this yet?
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    Hey guys, this Sunday at 8pm I'll be doing a Bonus Hunt live. Let me know any slot suggestions for the hunt and I'll try and play them. I hope you can join me at 8pm. See you there!
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    Got good feeling for you Darren 🤞🤞🤞
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    Have a go a napoleon mate highly volatile but can pay off great 👍
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    Any chance of one of, worms genie jackpots or wish apon a jackpot please
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