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    Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in announcing the winners. I was hoping to do it during the stream but the bot had issues so I've compiled a list of everyone who was in the chat at both Twitch and YouTube and drawn ten people at random. The ten winners are: Liam Smith Nathan Baines Steven Williamson break102 Andrew Dumbleton SammysSlots Danielleliverpool jamielad79 robertb2310 jay007briony007 If your name is on the list please email me at skillcash@gmail.com from the account you watched the stream on, or leave a comment here. Please reply as soon as you can as the hampers are being ordered from Marks and Spencer's and will need to be ordered pretty soon to make delivery in time for Christmas. If you have won, let me know if you would like alcohol, no alcohol or you don't mind. If you didn't win, sorry about that 😞 there will be more giveaways in future videos.
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    Mad this evening, £60 in and played Solider of Rome and got up to £350. Then done most of it playing Burn em up 7’s and RR DofG. played the last £80 on SST and hit two jackpots and an additional £150 on the very last spin for a total profit of £1090 😳😀.... This leads into my previous thread on luck and to say I’m now over £3,000 up since last Thursday is just amazing 😉 Of course as most will know I play always £2 Stake and lots of Premium Play playing for Ultra Spins which is not for the faint hearted and can be a rollercoaster ride of volatility as Darren is always pointing out to me! Anyway time for a break before the inevitable plummet occurs and enjoy the money on Xmas and that’s my annual trip to the Cheltenham festival paid for including my betting cash!
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    Wow I think the live stream went better then expected Darren at one point 3.5k watching live on YouTube plus all the twitch tv viewers as well strange thing was they were hardly any trolls in chat have times changed, do people respect your gambling now? congrats anyway 👍👍👍👍
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    the games dead mate , the horse has long bolted. i was given a job walking the boards in 1984 as a young 15 year old , no machines then , no tvs on the wall , you were lucky if the tills turned on 🙂 there was a speaker in the corner and you got your mark up sheets , a red and blue marker and the little boards that were magnetic with the names of the horse meetings on .it used to be full of local people , rich people poor people , school teachers , coal men, brickies , there was even a priest who i wont name but he loved a footie bet at the weekend 🙂 , every walk of life , there was some incredible banter back then . the place used to go deathly quiet when there was a half a furlong to run and then the cheer when the fav shot 3 clear going to the line , glorious. true story , i remember marking up one bank holiday saturday , there was about 6 meetings on and the place was packed and i could hardly hear the dodgy speaker , i was going mad trying to keep up with the betting when suddenly the place goes really quiet , i turn and see a guy at the door with a mask on and 2 at the till , snatch style with sawn offs , a robbery , im up on the board with my markers , the prices are still getting shouted so i call out , oi is it ok if i keep marking these prices and the guy looks at me for about 5 seconds nods and says carry on 🙂 , jeez i loved those days , you should see the place now , about 5 16 year old kids hanging around a fotb and about 8 house wives doing the bingo numbers , no punters left , the dog men are long gone , they couldnt get a bet down , nobody bets horses anymore , although the odd shrewdie is probably on betfair , they used to stand large bets all day long , now its 200 max at sp , 50 on a dog , iv had an account closed after 3 days online and i didnt even win ffs buts thats another story . bookies are these days nothing more than accountants who only want to feed of the skim , bottomfeeders . if they say they cant survive without fotbs they should go back to making books or have there licenses removed . rant over :)
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    Thanks everyone for your emails, I'll respond and order them on Thursday so I can do them all at the same time.
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    Better off getting amazon 4k firestick and downloading xtreme iptv. £10 per month gets you all sky sports and movie channels, all bt sports channels, racing UK and sky racing, all the bookie feeds, flow Sport, bein sports, all UK channels and USA channels, all the porn you want and loads more all for less than a packet of fags. Piece of piss to download.
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    Hey everyone, this Sunday at 9pm (1st December) I'll be doing a live stream from Casimba. It will be a live Bonus Hunt so I need lots of slot suggestions. The suggestions will be placed on a spinning wheel which will decide what I'm going to play. Once I've hopefully hit a bonus on that slot I'll spin the wheel again, if the wheel lands on a position that I've already played before, I'll give away a Christmas hamper. I'll be giving away 10 in total and it will be free to enter. I'll be starting the stream off on Wild Swarm as I've started to build up the hive, from then on all slots will be readers suggestions. I'll pick 21 suggestions, so feel free to leave them below. Thanks
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    I’ll be honest, I’ve not seen so many members signed on to the forum in a long time. Probably since the last giveaway...!
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    Can you back it each-way?? 😀
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    Don’t forget you only need one flake of snow
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    Might bet for it to be a white xmas where I am, wake up and open the curtains to either the home alone front cover or do an Adebayor and run the length of me house and knee slide into the front door
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    a white Xmas in the south is rare that's got to be 1000/1 shot lol
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    hi guys i use to only win on the golden dragon so when that game went i near had a decent win .So went off the fobts stuck to my horses' Anyway since last week betfred had new dragon machin it like the golden dragon .Now to win on fobts you need a good wad money just wait for the bonus Since the bookies reduced the bonus returns to make more money it sucide gambling,Anyway i decided to invest £5.00 on the new machin the plays are 5p i had 5p on 10 numbers and splite the rest with my fav numbers anyway straight away hit 250 /1 £125 for 50p the guy next to me put £2.00 on number got £402 at 200/1. SO I PLAYED from £5.00 everyday and made profit most days . i even played for one hour for £5,00 can not do that with other games so try it but limit your bet even 5p give you up £12.50
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    having cold front coming looks like a bad winter it good bet if you can afford to gamble before xmas
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    Its hard mate, i have been there myself, i excluded online in the summer,i always used to play in showboat or cashino as its now called, was banned for life, but they reduced it to 12 months, i found out as i wandered in a few months ago and started playing again, i only ever played the poker slots, but i have been losing a lot, today i put in 150 with no return, excluded myself but the maximum is 12 months, i feel so angry at myself, 150 gone in 30 minutes, why, what are we chasing, it makes no sense, be strong bus
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    Big problem is, I guarantee it works like this.. You shove a tenner in, that goes so you try win that tenner back.. and from then on you are "trying to win it back" not trying to win really right? It's bad. And you need to stop right now. You're self excluded, so stick to it and stay out of the bookies. Forget your losses as they are gone for good. I've got debts from my gambling but I've stopped now. Those losses are gone for good and that's that. Try chasing them and you'll have bigger problems like you already have. What's more important is your family and you're on the edge of losing it all. Take control of it yourself and sort it out, you will be proud you did. Dont count days like it's been 2 weeks since, 1 months since etc.. every day is day 1. You're the only person who can do it for you
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    So to clarify, 10p slots with a jackpot of £5 is a category D machine and so there is no age limit on the play and so legally people under 18 can play them. With this said however, if an arcade should so choose they don't have to allow people to play them especially if they feel the person is vulnerable to gambling. You can read about the age restrictions on gambling here. https://www.onlinebetting.org.uk/betting-guides/gambling-age-restrictions-in-the-uk.html
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    Leaders of free spins world 😉 I cant watch live. Will you pop it on YouTube afterwards 🙂
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    leaders of the free spins world ! i know you played it before, and it didn't go well, but hopefully get some better luck this time around ! if not that how about some classic blueprints: worms reloaded, wish upon a jackpot, king kong cash, wild antics ta !
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    The new Eye Of Horus megaways might be an idea if it’s on there. If not, the regular Eye Of Horus is due a payout. 🙂
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    Yes... It finally arrived on Dream Vegas so had a small punt with a couple of hundred last night and it is just as volitile as the arcade version... Thankfully you still only need 3 scatter symbols to trigger the free spins and they were a little like rocking horse shite last night but when they finaly did hit it paid enough for me to leave with the same balance as I started with... Maybe one to add to your bonus hunts in the near future Darren?
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    It's possible you may be the only person who uses Edge 🙂
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    what gets me the most are after an arcade or fobt video are the comments; the "oh you should play online more". Around 50% of the videos are bricks and mortar and 50% are online, which creates a really good balance and makes the channel stand out from the others. Personally I prefer arcade or fobt videos as I haven't bet online for years, so I can relate to it more. Plus I'm not a fan of a lot of the "megaways" slots. But I still look forward to the online sessions.
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    I see you had a bash online on the bonus video, I imagine it was as poor online as it is to me in shops. After being back at the machines for about 2 weeks, (after a little break after a nice win the other month on real king), I had been nicely up, with plenty of bonuses and about 3 wild power spins on centurion all paying nicely. Then came the age old mistake of trying to get the big bonus this game owes me. Anyhow after £350 through on £2 stake it finally lands a bonus, Cleopatra spins with premium symbols, I'm thinking surely money back or even jackpot. It paid £6... "f u fred!" Anyway after switching to Ladbrokes, it was time to give the old faithful black knight community a go; £270 got me 2 sets of lights no win over £10. One last all in go on black knight megaways £2 premium play (what was the old £30 go), £180 gave me two goes, one paid £9 the other sod all! Thankfully even after stupidly being £800 down over a single , I'm still slightly up for the month, and I wont be back in until the new year. Oops I think I went a bit off topic, with my mini life story I'd like to see leaders of free spins world online too Darren.
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