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    Now you just look like your spamming by adding a URL for a bingo site into my original post which I did not do. post duly reported
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    🤯 Hang your head in shame Mr King lol
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    They won't cave in though. They have no need and the trade loss will be two way except their loss will be spread across 27 nations and our loss will be ours entirely. Further, if they back down positively for the UK it will encourage others to try leaving and if they are as bad as portrayed they definitely won't want that as it threatens the plan. The leave at any cost brigade are playing a game of chicken they can't win.
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    Congratulations Darren and thank you for all your quality vids
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    Congratulations Darren, I don't see any reason why you won't double that figure in the future. It just goes to show how popular slot streams are.
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    Well done Darren... Here's to the next 10,000 🥂🥂🥂 PS the emoji's are meant to be clinking glasses even though they look like chicken drumsticks
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    Well done, and I don’t even subscribe (but I don’t substitute any channels (can’t be arsed with all those notifications)).
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    Congrats! Cant wait to see see slot lady playing centurion in hills in a collaboration and collect my amazon voucher... Maybe in my dreams, ok definitely in my dreams 😅
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    Did you ever think you’d get 50k subs ? congrats again 👍
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    Oddly I was in a shop the other day and the machine itself kicked me out and gave a message “terminal blocked” and printed out my receipt. A little strange... Having said that I switched machines and won a couple of hundred so I wasn’t too upset
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    Thing is, had it not been for the stake cap, I would have been smashing the roulette and i reckon a whole lot further behind. I know most slots are now random and I’ve had decent back to back wins and the reason for that was alluded to by Darren today, even after a jackpot I’ll play for 2 more shot just to see if it’s still “paying”. Likewise though I still have the old school mentality that if it pays jackpot and the next shots a dud I think it’s paid out and will be on the take now🤔.... So much do I’ll generally even switch machine🤣🤣🤣🤣. Not so with roulette though, I’d always think it could my numbers again, again, again and again and a hefty price could be paid.
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    As part of my “sabbatical” I announced I thought I’d do an actual analysis of my spending for the last two month where I know I have at times bee “out of control”, so I went through my bank transactions for the last 2 months (I can do this as I have any halfway decent win return to my card even if I didn’t deposit using it), I also know in my own mind that a withdrawal from an ATM over £100 is almost certainly for gambling. It’s not exact as there will be times I have also walked out with cash and used that money for something (i.e filling my car up and I bought some new golf clubs at one point). Anyway with the data at hand I’ve had a real eye opener and now know for a fact I need to “take a break”.... Ready for this...... Total amount of withdrawals/ transactions attributable to gambling in last 60 days = £16,410 🙈😮😬 Total amount of gambling returns in last 60 days = £15,305.... Total loss = £1,105 Highest point in front £981.20 Furthest behind deficit -£3839.80 😱😱😱 Now as I said I spent £400 on golf gear and filled the motor a couple of times so let’s call that £500 which reduced the deficit to -£605. The point is this, can I afford to lose £300 a month gambling, yes I can but the really galling part is I was prepared to go nearly £4K down at one point in pursuit of wins and that was totally reckless and irresponsible, I’m not a poor man but I can’t afford to risk £2k a month on average and that made my jaw drop I can tell you. The “headline” figure of £16k deposits in that time frame is also off the charts and tells me it’s time to step back and really ease off or it’ll end in disaster at some point. I like “high rolling” but there’s high rolling and there’s being a fucking idiot, recently I have become the latter and if I’m honest I’ve probably dodged a few bullets here and got away with a flesh wound.
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    Good on you for being honest, I meet so many people in bookies that are adamant they never lose. And if they’re playing FOBTs then it’s a statistical improbability at best.... I had a few wake up calls in my past, that feeling when you’ve played through £500 without even getting a feature. Like a lot of people, I like the game rather than kidding myself that I’m going to make a profit, and when you play and play and get nothing.... well, it’s sickening. I still play the things from time to time but only on 20p stakes now. And if I lose £20 I just say to myself ‘that would’ve been £200 if I were still playing max stakes!’. It’s meant to be fun, and when it no longer is then it’s time to call it a day. I can afford to lose £20 but £200 is a lot of money to me, maybe some folks can but I’m not the richest guy in the world!
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    Thanks for the honesty, those Ultra spins are incredibly dangerous. Before the stake change they weren't in arcades, and now they are, and none of them display the odds. Many of us know it's £20, £30 and £50 on average, but it's intentionally not made clear and your average arcade punter has no clue. Enjoy your golf!
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    I’ll tell you something, you know it’s time for a “sabbatical” when you’re out playing golf and you can’t get the tune from Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold out your head 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I shit you not, happened to me today!
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    Well after a pretty up and down period since start of July I got myself into the position yesterday where give or take I was approx £400 in front for that period with £800 in cash to play with in my sky rocket. Anyway I made the fatal error of taking the lot into Ladbrokes this evening and playing ultra on RR drops of gold I got absolutely turned over within 45 mins! At one point it cost £286, yes £286 for a shot! Anyway, in the bookies with £800, out without the BFH (luckily I drive🤣)... Double fortunate I’d left the bank cards at home or I could have done some real damage! Anyway now -£400 which isn’t what bothers me, losing £400 on slots in 6-7 weeks is not bad in all honesty but it’s the nature in which it was done, just utter “in you come, bend over and take this!” It tells me I’m too involved again so decision made, no slots until I come back from Spain. Go in two weeks for two weeks so that will give me 4 weeks to clear my head and get more reasonable again!
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    Sometimes I just want to play the national lottery 's scratch cards "fast 500" rather than the slots for the £500 jackpot. Has anybody won the £500 on the scratches recently?
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    Had my van broken into and tools nicked. No luck on the nags or on line. Then a couple of hours ago this little guy comes along, I'm a grandad again 😁
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    A massive thank you to everyone for your brilliant suggestions. I'll go through them all and pick two ideas to make into videos, which will be up in about 2 weeks.
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    I was watching a live slot stream the other day, but it was actually an adult webcam.
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    Ok, bit of a long story but here we go... It was my 30th birthday not that long ago and I wanted to do something memorable. We went out for too many beers on the Saturday night until about 2am and had arranged to meet in the local Wetherspoons at 11am Sunday for a breakfast and onto Mecca Bingo (it was an ‘I’m old now’ thing and would be memorable many years after). Anyway, having unsurprisingly overslept, I was awoken at 10:30am by my brother banging on the door. ‘Get up you lazy bastard’ was the cry. And that very second, this lazy bastard did. He made me a coffee whilst I showered and at just past 11am we got to the pub, still feeling the effects of the night before. A full English and a few hair of the dog beers later, we made it to Mecca. We bought our cards for the session and decided to have another beer or two before we got down to play. Now... we didn’t really match the usual bingo clientele. A group of 25-50 year olds who were slightly merry isn’t what they were used to (I didn’t know Mecca sold sambuca...), in fact the slightest thing made us giggle like naughty schoolgirls. This wasn’t helped that the bingo caller decided to pronounce ‘six’ as ‘seeks’. I’ve no idea why. But anyway, the rather mature snorting laugh that echoed from our table when ‘seeksty nine’ was called out actually got a response from the bingo caller asking people to be quiet. To answer your question, yes one of our party won a large jackpot of £400! The reason for my backstory is that she did the honourable thing and asked folks if they wanted another beer with the winnings. I went to the bar with her to give her a hand carrying it, and the barman took one look at me, one look at the table where I’d come from and said in quite a stern but frightened manner ‘sorry mate, the bar’s closed’. Despite it apparently only having opened about an hour before. Hmm... We still sometimes talk about that day. My brother has never forgiven me for dragging him to the bingo hall. I won’t repeat some of the insults he’s thrown at me because of it....
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    It’s the missus’ birthday today, she’s turned 30 and is now officially a milf! However, today she’s gone to see the Harry Potter exhibition thing in London with her brother and they’re running late. As a result, I’m sitting on my own at a table for 10 in the pub which is decorated with banners and balloons. I’m not sure there’s such a sorry sight as someone sitting on their own, drinking a pint surrounded by birthday paraphernalia. I’ve had a few sympathetic and sneering looks and I’ve only been here 10 minutes...
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    Very Nice... Although you have now just encouraged Darren to have another go at this one lol
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