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    Decided to follow your bonus hunt from your sunday live (17/5/20) and gave Napoleon a little go knowing its potential... well this happened on our first spin (of 25 auto) at 20p stake! #jumpingroundtheroom
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    Thanks to everyone for entering, my destination was Malta. Congratulations to the first five people who correctly guessed, you have each won a £100 Amazon voucher. The winners are: @TheJackJock @Glen @Jaydon @Andy123 @Witchem Please message me from the account you registered from so the prizes can be sent to you.
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    Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in announcing the winners. I was hoping to do it during the stream but the bot had issues so I've compiled a list of everyone who was in the chat at both Twitch and YouTube and drawn ten people at random. The ten winners are: Liam Smith Nathan Baines Steven Williamson break102 Andrew Dumbleton SammysSlots Danielleliverpool jamielad79 robertb2310 jay007briony007 If your name is on the list please email me at skillcash@gmail.com from the account you watched the stream on, or leave a comment here. Please reply as soon as you can as the hampers are being ordered from Marks and Spencer's and will need to be ordered pretty soon to make delivery in time for Christmas. If you have won, let me know if you would like alcohol, no alcohol or you don't mind. If you didn't win, sorry about that 😞 there will be more giveaways in future videos.
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    Played primal on Williamhill playing 1 pound stake bonus came in after putting 30 pound in got 59 pound thought I'd do another 5 spins an the bonus came in again an it went mad still can't believe it 920.00 pound win on a 1 pound stake this game can go mad.
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    Played lil devil for 30p spins on sky Vegas earlier and this happened !https://youtu.be/8muUjmrZZDY
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    Hey Guys! Here's something a little different for you all before the 50K Special Videos on Thursday and Friday 🙂 You have the chance to get one of 10 Amazon Gift cards worth £50 each! All you need to do is enter the secret code that's hidden in todays video. The 10 Winners will be selected after the competition expires in 10 days. ENTER THE SECRET CODE BELOW : Stop & Step Secret Code £500 Giveaway Giveaway Terms and Conditions: - Giveaway starts from today August 28th at 4:00PM BST, and ends at 23:59 CET time, September 6th 2019. - Participants are required to find the Secret Code and enter it above to enter. - One entry per person - 18+ Only - By Signing up to this giveaway, you agree to receive emails from Stop & Step, and you can opt out at any time. - Winners will be announced by email. - This promotion is subject to change at any time GOOD LUCK!
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    My biggest win was in the casino in Mallorca. Played on a slot and hit 7777 jackpot approx £1000 all bells ringing and lights flashing. A guy comes over and resets the machine and hands me the voucher. Two spins later I hit 9999 and another £1000 jackpot. Went on to roulette and won £750 in about an hour. I collected £700and put 50 on number four, straight in. Left the casino about £6000 up. It was on my birthday and my late father was with me, what a night. 😊
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    Hi everyone and welcome to the forum. Be sure to introduce yourself and take part in the conversations, you can also edit your profile to include a cover photo and unique thumbnail.
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    Nice win! You should lump your winnings on Beadle’s Teabag now.
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    Hey guys, From November I'll be doing two online videos per week. Tuesday and Wednesday will remain FOBT, arcade, bingo and/or casino and Thursday and Friday will be online. People seem to enjoy the online more, but I'll still do the bookies and arcades too to see what's new. Thanks everyone for your loyalty and support and if you have any online slot suggestions or challenges let me know.
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    Well done to the five winners of the 1st 1000 members draw, and thank you to everyone here for building an informative and friendly community. I'll email the winners shortly to give you your £100 Amazon gift cards. @paterson79 @GreenGod @Fabianhorvath1998 @herb @Drew
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    Sunday’s won’t be the same again 😔 thanks for the last 10 weeks or so Darren 👍
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    When racing resumes on Monday I expect to see loads of races with the MAXIMUM permitted runners. After the lay off, trainers will be keen to get a run under the horses belts so fields of 16 runners and more would, "I imagine" be of the norm. I can see horses winning at huge prices and favourites getting turned over left right and centre. I shall be betting from day 1 of the return but just for fun and a bit of interest as something to watch on the TV. I may be totally wrong of course but I doubt it. Keep it fun until the form settles down a bit, I think there will be many surprises. I'm not 100% sure to be honest if a maiden can run in the Derby but if they are, it's by no means impossible to see the Derby won by a horse that's never set foot on a Racecourse before.
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    The 256x symbol on final countdown, never seen it before! shame i lowered the bet because the balance was going down haha
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    Hey guys, this Sunday at 8pm I'll be doing a Bonus Hunt live. Let me know any slot suggestions for the hunt and I'll try and play them. I hope you can join me at 8pm. See you there!
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    Hey everyone, really sorry but there seems to be a technical issue with my connection and it's just not letting me get it fixed, so I'm going to have to reschedule for tomorrow at 8pm while I work out what was wrong. Really sorry and I hope you can join me tomorrow.
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    I’m not sure why I’m writing this post i don’t need to do this but I am last Saturday lunchtime the dreaded phone rang to say my elderly father in law has been rushed to hospital struggling to breathe, tests have shown he has the corona virus with fluid on the lungs 48 hours later the doctor rang my wife to say he wasn’t going to make it me and the wife sat the kids down to tell them the bad news we where just waiting for the next dreaded phone call because nobody was allowed to see him stupidly I decided to take my frustration out of my dream Vegas account and spent all my monthly limit in one session without 1 single bonus BUT MIRACLES HAPPEN HE MANAGED TO GET THROUGH THE NIGHT AND NOW 5 DAYS LATER HES ON A REDUCED AMOUNT OF OXYGEN AND COULD BE OUT IN A WEEK so this episode as learnt me that gambling isn’t important and I’ve timed my self out for 6 weeks and now I need to catch up on Darren’s videos gutted I missed the live stream SO A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OUR NHS STAFF LETS ALL STAY IN AND STAY SAFE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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    thanks for the feedback. no i'm not a chav. I have never been out of work since I left school and im a self employed labourer. I have started up my stream 5 days ago so im still learning, will definitely stop the swearing. thanks guys
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    Hi guys, competition time. Simply guess my final balance at the end of tonight's Bonus Hunt. The two closest answers will each receive a £100 Amazon gift card. The competition will close right before I start opening the bonuses (when my balance is zero). One entry per account. No edited answers, if you want to change your answer, you'll have to delete your original guess and re-post. The thread will be locked at the start of opening the bonuses. Good luck.
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    I just played my usual £5 worth of 40p and a screen virtually full of Montezuma top symbol came up and this is the result! I can't believe it, what a shock!
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    Here we go, first video. Nice and short but not great quality sadly. Can't figure out how to mute sound on YT so you'll have to do that yourself (unless you like rubbish music). Going to tart up channel over the next week or so.
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    https://youtu.be/9ejRfZy9JtE Decent free spins
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    I like watching vids from Steve's Fruity's and chris217, they both have a huge personal collection of 80's machines, also Djstevester5 has a very tidy collection they remind me of my misspent youth :) Steve's Fruity's.. https://www.youtube.com/user/stevelancett chris217 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF3FsXOkqEsMIdlje-sUFyQ Djstevester5 https://www.youtube.com/user/djstevester5
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    I’ll give you a clue on what Darren looks like look at his cartoon character 👍
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    Best lesson that I have never learnt is after a decent win leave the game, leave the machine, leave the venue and stay out of other gambling dens for the rest of the day at least... feel good about your win for at least 24hrs because we all know the bastards will have it all back with interest sooner or later... just make it later.
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    Mad this evening, £60 in and played Solider of Rome and got up to £350. Then done most of it playing Burn em up 7’s and RR DofG. played the last £80 on SST and hit two jackpots and an additional £150 on the very last spin for a total profit of £1090 😳😀.... This leads into my previous thread on luck and to say I’m now over £3,000 up since last Thursday is just amazing 😉 Of course as most will know I play always £2 Stake and lots of Premium Play playing for Ultra Spins which is not for the faint hearted and can be a rollercoaster ride of volatility as Darren is always pointing out to me! Anyway time for a break before the inevitable plummet occurs and enjoy the money on Xmas and that’s my annual trip to the Cheltenham festival paid for including my betting cash!
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    its hard when your angry with yourself ferg , iv been there before a few times , remember that feeling and channel it , use it as a mental checkpoint , put a bit of paper in your wallet that says i hate fotbs and look at it every so often , i know you feel down at the moment but you have to hit rock bottom before you rise up again , buy yourself an xbox or a fishing rod or do something that you never did before , next time you have money take your wife out ferg , will do you a world of good . i wish you well .
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    Just made the call guys I'm officially self excluded .feel relieved
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    As soon as Eastenders finished the starting pistol went off... Laptop out and logged on to Dream Vegas set punt at £2 a spin and off we went... Bees were few and far between and money was draining away... the room was starting to fill with tension as the fantasy quick hit was becomming just that.... A fantasy. I then for some unknown reason pressed the section that shows the progress to filling the hive and read the blurb. My eyes popped out of my head and my face reddened as I reailised that we had to FILL the 5th section before the bees swarmed. I assumed they swarmed during filling the last section... Just my luck the wife read it also... An icy chill decended in the room and a stare that could kill a man at 50 paces was directed at me... I had screwed up. Anyway resetting the stake to 20p we carried on filling the 5th part of the wheel of honey. It didnt take too long in fact it seemed to play better at 20p but we have substained a bit of damage from the £2 plays we made earlier. Finally got the wheel filled at about 9.30 then back to £2 for the grand final. Coco was at the ready as it could turn into a long night... Off we went. It took about 10 minutes and no more than 10 bees to trigger the swarm. Excitiment filled the room as they all came out of the hive ready to attack... we took 4 direct hits then the spins started and by the time it finished we were quite........................................................................................................ satisfied with the result although it seems a lot of work and risk for what was a small return. We didn't lose which is always a bonus... mainly due to how quickly it swarmed (see Metholdan... being quick is sometimes a good thing 😊) it was an experience to build the hive and see the result but not one I will flock to do again in the near future. Anyway the grand total is..
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    Hey Guys! Great Video Today at 4pm - £1000 START Bonus Buy' Guess How Many Bonuses I get for a chance to win 2 x £50 Amazon Gift Cards! Good Luck!
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    Had my van broken into and tools nicked. No luck on the nags or on line. Then a couple of hours ago this little guy comes along, I'm a grandad again 😁
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    Live stream from an arcade. Or pay for slot lady to come to the uk to do a collaboration. Imagine, poor slot lady at a grimy Hills playing centurion on £2 stake!
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    Was playing for half hour probably about £50 down and mega bonus come in off a £1 go bagging me £954! Biggest bonus I’ve ever got!
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    Darren uploads Tuesday through Friday so nothing unusual here. It's been the same schedule for the last 14 months or so ...
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    Not been in here in a bit but thought I’d share this weeks roller coaster ride with you all..... Monday: in Laddies playing Mighty Black Knight & RR DofG mostly.... in for £1250 (£250 cash & a bag of sand on card) 😳... ended up retiring with £980 back to card.... Down £270. Tuesday: £250 in cash, up to about £500 at on point, ended up losing the lot.... Down £520. Wednesday: Lunchtime lost £750 on slots so down £1270 eeek! Evening in for £250, playing slots got up to about £500 then of all things player roulette in WH putting the max virtual £30 on (my numbers are 7 and 26 neighbours with heavy on 7,12 & 29) ended up walking out with £1250 🎉🎉🎉 still down £270 though.... Thursday: DofG sesh in Coral up and down then bar one symbol a full screen of violins 🎻 in the base game on premium play for £460, ended the session £380 up so now up £110 overall! This evening, in Hills a decent bonus on Eye of Horous followed by a couple of reasonable efforts in Luck o the Irish before playing the roulette again to great effect (double spin 7 within 20 gos)... end up profit this evening of £520!!! Total profit since Monday £630... That’s enough mad staking it for one week...
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    I got an email from 777 saying deposit £20 and get £120 of free play I took up the offer, played on Rainbow Riches for £2 per spin and got 15 free spins on first go. Played that money till it was all lost. Started playing with the £120 freeplay for £11 per spin just to get it over with quickly really. Cutting a long story.... I played through the wagering requirements and withdrew £1000.08p 😎😎😎
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    A typical boring Sunday morning, so I thought I'd share this true story with you. It's 1987, every Sunday evening I used to go to the pub, "The Cock" in Headley, Epsom. I used to go with a racehorse trainer and a number of his staff. The trainers name was Wally Carter, I can tell you his name as he sadly passed away a while back. He was a lovely man and a very very good trainer. So, I used to turn up at the stables "Loretta Lodge" about 6.45 and take wally and some of the lads in my car to the pub where we would play darts and pool. Wally thought it was important that at least once a week his staff bonded a little. Headley is a tiny town where everybody knows everybody, so when we went to the pub all the locals were always pestering Wally for tips, every week. Wally used to be polite and say things like he didn't like to give tips as he would feel responsible if they lost. This never stopped people asking him every week, I found the whole thing embarrassing to the point of feeling sorry for Wally. In all the years I knew him I NEVER once asked him for a tip. One summer Sunday evening I turned up and there was a bit of a flap going on, all the stable lads were saying hurry up Wally and get a move on etc. They were a bit behind time with "evening stables" and were using up valuable drinking time. So Wally said to his staff to get to the pub and that he would finish up on his own for the last 15 mins. If I didn't mind waiting with him while the others went up in another car. I said of course not and duly walked with him to each individual horsebox checking on each inmate and closing up the top door for the night. About half way round we get to the next box and the horsehas his head sticking over the stable door, Wally rubs the horses muzzle and a couple of pats on the head and then turns to me and says "this one runs tomorrow, go to the bank, draw out all your cash and lump it on to win" I was almost speechless, I'd never ever asked for a tip, so I just said err, thanks Wally, I'll have a good bet on him then. I went to walk away to the next box and he grabs me by the arm and says, "and when you've put all your money on, go and beg, steal and borrow as much as you can and have that on as well". I didn't know what to say, he just smiled, carried on putting the horses to bed and off we went to the pub. I never told a soul about the tip, I put £400 on in a few different shops. I can't tell you the horses name but I can tell you the jockey since he's long retired. The Jockey was John Reid, one of the top 5 jockeys in the country at the time which also gave me confidence that a major coup was going down. The horses odds were 4/1 it was a sprint race where the average winning distance is under a length, this horse won by 10 lengths going away, you could tell it was never going to lose from the start, it just kept pulling further and further clear. I was so impressed by the way Wally treated me that evening that I bought a yearling filly for him to train for me later that year. You couldn't make up what happened to that little filly and I'll post the story another time if anyone is interested. Then there was the time me and a famous trainers brother were arrested in McDonald's and banged up overnight and the time I hid in the horsebox just to get out of paying to get into Kempton Park. Oh what larks 😀😀😀
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    Maybe not the best example from me but you get my drift. Even at small table games there always seems to be someone all in on every round. Face to face is my preference. I used to play every week in a pub game, one of the players was Mike Brewers brother 'wheeler Dealers" he's a professional magician so when it was his turn to deal someone else had to deal for him. 🤔🤔🤔
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    Hey, new to the forum but just wanted to add my two pence in. I, like most who are here, watch most or all of the uploads. One thing I've noticed in the comment section is pretty obvious gambling issues. Now for some people this topic might make you think stop being a downer.. and I hope it does because if you gamble responsibly and just for the fun, congratulations and I'm glad gambling is here for your enjoyment. However, some people like myself take it at least a bit too far. I've been seeking a bit of help in the past few months and personally havent bet much at all in 2019, had my first child in February and it sparked me into action to stop being so stupid. But for the past 10 years since I turned 18 it slowly (or quickly) spiralled into something bad. Enough about me though, I'm aiming all of this poorly punctuated and poorly written gobble at people who need help - whether you will admit it or not. I always knew I had a problem, I just assumed I couldn't be beaten, I could combat it myself. I eventually realised how wrong I was and contacted an Essex based one to one counciling named breakeven. They only work in chelmsford and the south east to east of England but wherever you are there are similar sessions and I strongly recommend getting a grip of things now if you are at any point where you feel maybe you should. Are you in debt from it? £10, £10,000? More? Then yes you do need help. Even if you just spend too much of your wages but stop it there you should still look for advice and guidance. They are amazing, mental health and suicides have come from a result of gambling and I'd love to never see another one. Because there is help. Quite extreme yes but it can sink that low. NHS have a write up on gambling addiction, including helpful websites, phone numbers and email addresses to aid in helping stop. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/gambling-addiction/ Gamcare is one of the biggest if not biggest in the UK. On this website you will find just about everything you need to read up, talk to, email etc anyone to start your help as soon as possible. https://www.gamcare.org.uk Finally, begambleaware are a bigger one now too. Same as above contact info on their website https://www.begambleaware.org/confidential-help/ If anyone has anything else to help someone who may not be in a good place, please do comment. I hope maybe I will help at least someone with this. I am also always here for a chat for anyone in a bad place, just ask for phone number or email address, if I can get to you I'll even have a coffee at wetherspoons for a chat! Thanks
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    Hi guys I’ve been playing FOBTs since they first started and I used to do £1000 spins before 2005 gambling act capped them at £100 due to pressure from the casinos as everyone was playing roulette in the bookies and not going to the casinos. Considering the FOBTs were initially placed in the bookies on a trial basis (they were in bookies along with ordinary fruit machines in the beginning) they have been the golden goose for the last 15 yrs, and after playing them for the last week since they were capped at £2 stakes, I can say the bookies are now very worried. Ive been speaking to some insiders at corals and hills who told me in the last 7 days takings are down nationally over 40%. Individual shops have also noticed a significant decrease in takings and amount of people playing them. The big roulette hitters can no longer play £50+ spins which is why the industry are trying to switch people onto the slots but it doesn’t appear to be working as the pre-gambles which they admit have been placed onto the games to get round the new regulations in an attempt to replicate the old fortune spins, are not popular with the customers, as Darren has showed in some of his videos it can take over £50+ just to get a ‘fortune spin’ with no guarantee of even getting a win? The insiders have said there are no planned shop closures yet as they are going to monitor the situation for at least 6 months to see if things change once the players get used to the new £2 stakes. If overall turnover and profit falls below their initial expectations they will cull shops particularly in the bigger cities where there are several ‘duplicate’ shops from the same bookie in the same street or very close by as they were only opened due to the 4 machine limit per shop. As we all know there is no evening racing and the shops were only kept open til 10pm due to the machines, so due to the reduced takings many shops will now start to close earlier. Some of you may have seen the gambling commission quickly closed down a new fixed odds betting game that several of the bookies introduced when the cap started. It was a cycling game with 36 numbers and too similar to roulette with high stakes available over the counter and not via the FOBTs, so the commission warned them not to try and get round the regulations by doing such things. They are also apparently looking at the ‘sliding bar’ pre-gamble on the roulette in Hills, bet Fred and paddy power as this roulette still allows you to place the maximum £13.75 on a single number but the green zone is so small the chances of you landing on that and then spinning the correct single number is ridiculous. So problem gamblers could still chase a single number and spending £2 every 3-4 seconds on the sliding bar gamble, soon adds up. It’s now very hard to win on the £2 roulette due to the way they have had to change the game to the new regulations. You are spending £10-£15+ on the sliding bar gamble just to get a spin of the wheel and hopefully get a number you’ve covered with a decent amount of chips, and even then you might not even win your money back? Personally I’ve found the best roulette from all the bookies to play with a decent chance of making a profit is the 5p 100:1 roulette in hills, paddy, and bet Fred. I make the sliding gamble about 75:25 red to green which allows me a decent spread of chips on the board and being 100:1 a 10p number gives me a tenner back. I’ve played this every day since the cap and it’s taken me an hour to get about a £50 profit based on a £2-£3 profit per spin, which is tiny compared to what I was getting on £100 stakes, but I suppose any profit is better than a loss. Overall, I hate the new roulette games. They’ve halved the spin time so the ball sometimes just about goes round once before landing and the excitement of getting a big number come in has definitely gone. The roulette in corals you don’t even have to wait for the wheel to spin and the ball to land, just hit the start button and the ball instantly lands on the number! For problem gamblers I think the cap is a good idea as I’ve spoken to a few in my local shops and they’ve almost given up playing and one guy who almost repeatedly blew his weekly wages in half an hour every Friday is very happy as he now doesn’t play anymore. But for us players who liked a big flutter now and again with the chance of winning a nice few quid on high stakes, the cap has totally taken away our fun and we will either have to play online which I don’t enjoy, or play for real in a real casino. Love the videos of the slots Darren so keep up the good work! Regards Ziggy
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    Hit 350x on tiki tumble on a £4 press completely by mistake. I thought I had changed the stake to £1 but it never changed and pressed it twice. Second press the bonus came in paying £1400.
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    This is why Napoleon is my favourite game, with a 100,000 X for a wild line it has to be worth a visit every time I make a deposit. We'll done.
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    Doh.... wish I’d read that properly...!!!!
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    As this months (May) online slots have finished, here is an overall summary of wins / losses. 3rd May - Buying Bonuses: £537 Loss 10th May - Bonus Hunt: £642 Loss 17th May - Bonus Hunt: £183 Loss 23rd May - Bonus Hunt: £465 Loss 24th May - Live Table Games: £1500 Win 31st May - Bonus Hunt: £154 Win Total: £173 Loss By far the biggest win for May was the table games, with a good run on roulette.
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    I'm starting to enjoy the online bonus hunts more than bookies. They all seem to be empty now rules changed.
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