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    Well done to the five winners of the 1st 1000 members draw, and thank you to everyone here for building an informative and friendly community. I'll email the winners shortly to give you your £100 Amazon gift cards. @paterson79 @GreenGod @Fabianhorvath1998 @herb @Drew
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    Hey, new to the forum but just wanted to add my two pence in. I, like most who are here, watch most or all of the uploads. One thing I've noticed in the comment section is pretty obvious gambling issues. Now for some people this topic might make you think stop being a downer.. and I hope it does because if you gamble responsibly and just for the fun, congratulations and I'm glad gambling is here for your enjoyment. However, some people like myself take it at least a bit too far. I've been seeking a bit of help in the past few months and personally havent bet much at all in 2019, had my first child in February and it sparked me into action to stop being so stupid. But for the past 10 years since I turned 18 it slowly (or quickly) spiralled into something bad. Enough about me though, I'm aiming all of this poorly punctuated and poorly written gobble at people who need help - whether you will admit it or not. I always knew I had a problem, I just assumed I couldn't be beaten, I could combat it myself. I eventually realised how wrong I was and contacted an Essex based one to one counciling named breakeven. They only work in chelmsford and the south east to east of England but wherever you are there are similar sessions and I strongly recommend getting a grip of things now if you are at any point where you feel maybe you should. Are you in debt from it? £10, £10,000? More? Then yes you do need help. Even if you just spend too much of your wages but stop it there you should still look for advice and guidance. They are amazing, mental health and suicides have come from a result of gambling and I'd love to never see another one. Because there is help. Quite extreme yes but it can sink that low. NHS have a write up on gambling addiction, including helpful websites, phone numbers and email addresses to aid in helping stop. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/gambling-addiction/ Gamcare is one of the biggest if not biggest in the UK. On this website you will find just about everything you need to read up, talk to, email etc anyone to start your help as soon as possible. https://www.gamcare.org.uk Finally, begambleaware are a bigger one now too. Same as above contact info on their website https://www.begambleaware.org/confidential-help/ If anyone has anything else to help someone who may not be in a good place, please do comment. I hope maybe I will help at least someone with this. I am also always here for a chat for anyone in a bad place, just ask for phone number or email address, if I can get to you I'll even have a coffee at wetherspoons for a chat! Thanks
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    Went out at 9am, paid my monthly broadband bill £43 another bill for £40 put £20 diesel in the car, had a coffee and cake with my niece in the high street £10. Two lucky 15s in Betfred £30 Took the car to the garage for two new tyres and wheel alignment £151 stopped at Sainsbury on the way home bought a couple of towels and a few groceries £40. Got home and locked the f*****g door behind me in case anybody else came on the "earhole" wow,! Just over £300 for an average day. If I didn't have a win I'd be in shit Street in a week. The lucky 15s turned out fruitless. I swear being a gambler is harder than digging ditches. 😁😁😁
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    Put a lucky 15 on the nags on Sunday, gave the bloke £20 and put the fiver change in the machine, first £2 spin on Horus got a £500 jackpot. On the way home I popped in to get a bottle of milk "I do like my cuppa" bought a £5 scratchcard and......
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    The deposit bonus terms and conditions can be quite picky depending on the site. Besides the typical rollover requirement, there is also a max bet requirement, usually around £5. Any stake above it allows the site to cancel the deposit bonus and confiscate any wins. One thing I wish more sites do is implement a pop-up warning to players who are about to wager above the limit allowed in order to prevent them from accidentally breaking the terms of the bonus. Also, some sites may implement a maximum win during bonus rounds/free games. We witnessed this in one of Darren's videos. I believe it was at 777.com while playing Montezuma. That site capped wins from the free games at £500 if a player is using a deposit bonus. In that video, the result of the free games was above £500 by about several quid. The excess was not added to his bankroll upon conclusion of the free spins. Ultimately, remember to read the terms and conditions if you want to accept a deposit bonus.
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    I also did a load one night a few years ago, I won a poker tournament on Sky and did about £1500 before sunrise. Its all about self discipline, I look forward to my Tuesday evening and dont go near any slots untill then. I know a sneaky score on Extra Hit Chile can quickly turn into a hundred or more, so I dont /darent log in to any site. I think Darren's and The Bandit's videos help, it is almost a sort of substitute for playing with my own money!
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    I had this last year, was in for £80 and ended up coming home £2700 up.
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    Had a bit of an on-line session with the misses last night (Come on mentholdan get it out of your system lol 😮) playing Swarm on Dream Vegas. We managed to get to the 5th level playing at 20p a spin in about 90 minutes and showing a small profit of about £18 too boot. Anyway tonight it will be ramped up to £2 whilst hoping to get the little honey bees to swarm out of the hive. will it be sweet, sweet honey or is there a sting in the tail - let you know tomorrow. Wish us luck 🤞
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    The £500 limit on FOBTs is a result of government regulations. The bookies and arcades don’t really have a choice. If they were allowed to offer wins larger than £500, I think they would do it. Marketing a higher jackpot would likely get more people through the door to try their luck. The only entity that can change or increase the £500 jackpot limit is the Gambling Commission.
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    Can you play paws of fury think it’s on sky Vegas🎰 And a shout out please !😊
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    Been there, done that so I feel your pain. although slightly older than you, I started way younger on slots at caravan park holidays...hitting £30 aged 10 was the first step down this road I guess! Been trying to stop on and off for near on 10 years. Even been made bankrupt in that time with a hefty five-figures. Am coming up for 4 weeks gambling and bet free but it will always be an issue. Made changes such as getting a new bank account to block gambling (hopefully mentioning it’s monzo won’t be an issue on here!), gamstop online, self-exclusion from bookies. I think the difference I feel this time is that I am truly buying into wanting to stop. it’s like anything in life-diets, gym, other habits...unless you truly want to stop, nothing will change what you do. Good luck in making the change! All you can do is take it one day at a time if you try to stop.
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    I gamble professionally insomuch as Ali Dia was a professional footballer....
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    Haha! I finish work between 4-7 so always avoid this forum before I’ve watched the video. If he’s won big, it’ll be all over here! I’ve also developed a way of opening StopandStep’s videos without actually reading the description... remove glasses and hold my phone at arm’s length! 😆
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    I won £708 off 9p few months ago and very stupidly told the wife who didn’t waste anytime spending it on silly things like cusions 🤮🤮🤮god I hate IKEA
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    It's always 24 hours whenever I do it, but they say give it up to 5 days!
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    Now you just look like your spamming by adding a URL for a bingo site into my original post which I did not do. post duly reported
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    Congratulations Darren, I don't see any reason why you won't double that figure in the future. It just goes to show how popular slot streams are.
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    Who wants to be a millionaire I had a great win on it the other day £145 off 80p spins
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    Watching the latest video on YouTube from Chipmonkz, he said he has self excluded himself from one or two on line casinos for about a month because he's gambling needs to be curtailed 😁. Still streaming on line with raw cash though. Bonkers, or is he? Streaming means he's still making money I suppose. My advice would be get a proper job and see how you feel about losing money you worked bloody hard for. So after one month he'll be cured of his addictive behaviour and or at least have it under control.?? Sounds to me he wants to have his cake and eat it.
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    I went too admiral casino they text me 10 for 10 so used 10 pound of my own money I played between several different games played 25p spins played luck of the Irish got a row of pots in total walked out with 205 pound for 10 pound 195 pound profit best result I've had in ages.
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    I played the 5 reel version of Centurion in an arcade about a month ago... It was diabolical old Biggus Dickus spent the whole time hiding behind his bush and only popped up once in over £300 and added some bonus symbols... none came in but hey ho that seaside slots for you.
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    I don't normally play on the fruit machines I prefer the blueprint terminals or similar. There's more choice and I have a few favorite games on there and I think I win more often. I always end up on the roulette and there's a few different types but classic roulette is my go to game. I put £1 on my chosen number (I have 3 numbers I switch between) and when it comes in I gamble from £36 to £50 and then the fun begins. Most of the time I'll gamble £50 - £100 and drop jackpot (no repeat on these), I set a loss limit of £30 - £40 and more often than not my number comes in within the 40 spins. These cat c games are fun but its important to remember £100 is the jackpot, so don't go chasing because they can rake in the money before they pay out.
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    A ST3 is much better than a STD😁😁😁
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    every streamer has the right to plce thier links or whatever it is completely at thier discression. and if any viewer has a problem wit the content then they just need to leave the stream or (in my case i would) be blocking them lol
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    Jimbo did exactly the same and when I remarked that he needed to drastically tone down his foul language, he blocked me. I was devastated 😂😂😂
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    Now if this was Darren you would be reading about a forthcoming trip to the East Coast of the USA... However, Its me so East Coast means Bridlington... yes I'm sacking work this Friday and taking the wife away for a long weekend of visits to various places up the East Coast on our winning from last weekend. On Friday / Saturday We will be taking in the delights of not only Bridlington but also Filey where I once worked as a barman at Butlins before they pulled it down, then Scarborough for a trip out on the Pirate boat that sails from the harbour and a crab sandwich. Sunday / Monday we will move further North and visit Whitby for some Scampi n Chips, Saltburn to ride the cable car and walk the short pier, Redcar for one of their famous Lemon Tops and finishing off in my birthplace of Seaton Carew before driving back home Monday evening. Hopefully I will also manage to get a bit of slot time in as they are all bustling seaside resorts 😀 Who said romance was dead.
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    You mean £197 minus the cost for new pants?
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    Cheers yes a pleasant surprise I got a £55 snow leopard bonus on 25p the other day also..only play low stakes now other stakes way too volatile
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    This is a very good thing and let’s face it if you want to bet higher you can go to a proper casino or play on line
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    In Betfred in the mornings, "Fred" is always on the TV for an hour or so giving pushes "extended odds" and other sweeteners. When I had an issue with Betfred I called customer services and told them " That Bald headed bastard wants focus on the shops running properly instead of giving shit bonuses on shit odds" it didn't go down to well but I got my point across. Im in business and I BEND OVER BACKWARDS TO PLEASE MY CUSTOMERS ALL THE TIME. Be fair and you will ALWAYS GET YOUR MONEY BACK.
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    Buffalo rising megaways
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    This forums only been going for just over 2 months did you expect 1000 members Darren congrats anyway 👍
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    If it’s something different we want how about a low stake bonus hunt Darren a £1000 hunt will probably get 100 bonuses on 20p stake 😂😂😂 video will last 3 hours 😂
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    I am a complete Green Horn to "Actually studying Slots"... And Not losing all of my Bloody Money......Sorry Rant.....Nice to meet you all....I'm Kennybhoy aka theeflash1.....I read your messages with Hope and anticipation, as too my 1st tussle with Online slots and even better my local High street....I still think people play Each Way Nudger or Steppa..... Yours Respectfully..😏😊☺️ Theeflash1... (any tips and or pointers will result in " The Blogs Windfall...")
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    What a brutalising that was for Darren! £128 to get a shot and then the gambles went badly wrong at the critical time. One of the reasons I like the S&S channel is the honesty to put these truly horrific sessions on YouTube rather than burying them and joining the ever growing “Hey, look at me win” uploads! Its important that ppl see both sides of the coin and Darren does do that unlike some who just want to show a “rollercoaster” where in the end they come out smiling and smoking cigars (thinking the likes of the bandit here)... Its obvious to me that generally Darren has good control (me? I’d have been all in today after that run 🤣) although I’m sure he sometimes goes over the top. Im also pretty sure that he gambled what he can afford from wherever that source is (not anyone’s business but his, maybe it’s all affiliate cash or maybe he’s a lotto winner? Who knows?) so bad luck today Darren, hopefully a luckier day tomorrow and some cash back....
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    Welcome... If you’re going to play slots, here’s my tips: 1. Avoid compensated games (e.g. fixed) and stick to random only 2. Realise That it’s still a machine with a pre set % return 3. There’s no such thing as a pro slot player no matter what some clowns try to tell you on social media 4. Sometimes you’ll win big but mostly you’ll lose (just make sure it’s only a little) and the Golden Rule... 5. Have fun, enjoy and ONLY GAMBLE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE!
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    Knowing Glance did not settle, overraced. Its only lent. Three qualifiers tomorrow. Nearooz 3.45 Nott. 5/4 Universal Command 5.40 Hunt. 7/1 Ormesher 7.20 Hex. 5/1.
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    The speakers are always on too load ! You would think everyone that goes to the bookies are Deaf The Latest video is a classic example far to high
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    And they have better looking staff in my opinion.
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    Ugh, I remember those days. Not lost a fortune for a while but I think my biggest loss was about £800 many years ago on fruit machines. Nowadays I stick to a £2 football bet, I look for a Saturday acca which pays 10-20/1. If it comes in, I’ve got £40 odd to have a few beers and a takeaway. If not.... well I've lost more down the back of the couch than my bet cost!
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    Who want to be a millionaire.
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    Ten years ago or so, I decided to go to an exhibition darts night at a local pub where you had the chance to play the late (and great) Eric Bristow. It was only £10 to go and with the amount of people that were there, it was probable that you'd give him a leg of 701. I'm awful at darts but managed to give him a game (my first dart was 1 but somehow managed to score 121 with my first throw!) and lost by a respectable 110 points or so. Now that may sound pretty impressive, but this was at about 21:30 and Eric had been there since about midday drinking Guinness and could barely stand, in fact he'd stop mid game just to go outside for a cigarette. After the event, I asked him whether I could get a photo with him, to which his slightly inebriated response was "f**k off, I'm going for a slash. Maybe later." So that's my tale of fame. Being told to f**k off by one the the legends of darts. Anyone got a better story? Maybe Michael Barrymore has called you a tw*t or Paul McCartney has offered you out for a fight?
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    I'm not gonna say fishin frenzy coz I know you don't like it
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    Rainbow riches pick and mix pots, free spins and coins bonus pick! done this last week got £2500 off them 🙂
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    Try diamond mine if they have it 👍👍
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    Great vids Darren! It would be great to have some options for problem gamblers to contact other problem gamblers for help? I love watching your videos and trying my luck at arcades and places like admiral, cashino and bingo halls. I've seen most of your videos and see a great insight in to which games I'd enjoy playing and which ones I definitely wouldn't!
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    Before the stakes were lowered to £2, all category B2 games (Roulette and Fortune Spins) required a mandatory minimum of 20 seconds between wagers. Category B3 games did not have this minimum and have always had a maximum stake of £2. Since the change, the bookies introduced £2 Roulette and Premium Play slots as category B3 games. This is why the wheel spin animation in 20p Roulette is faster than previously. It would not surprise me either if the speed on the slots were also increased. That's how I understand it anyway.
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    Hello there been watching your videos for a while now nice to see the transition onto online casinos lately be good to see how well you can make it pay
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