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    Nice win! You should lump your winnings on Beadle’s Teabag now.
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    Hey guys, this Sunday at 8pm I'll be doing a Bonus Hunt live. Let me know any slot suggestions for the hunt and I'll try and play them. I hope you can join me at 8pm. See you there!
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    Hey guys, this Sunday the 5th of April at 8pm I'll be doing another live bonus hunt. Let me know any slot suggestions and I'll try and play them live on stream. Just leave your slot suggestions as a reply below. Thanks a lot, and I'll see you there!
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    Watched alot of stop and step playing rainbow riches so decided to have a go. I had £50 left on the site after losing £140. I decided screw it im going to try the £25 bonus bet. First time ive ever done it. Well i get a bonus on it on the 2nd spin out of 5 and i need only 1 more balloon for a super pick too. I managed to get around £130 of 15 spins. Then on the 3rd spin of the bonus bet i got a balloon and got the mega pick too. 20 spins and ended up with another £140 so just in those bonuses i managed £270 roughly then to top the cake i got super lucky and hit a £70 hit on the 4th spin. making my bet be £340 from being down £140 to being up nearly £200 felt amazing.
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    Got my weekly tenner from Paddy Power this morning, played Book of Irish for 50p a spin, went down to 20p and gambled that on the slide bar for 1 more spin, it came in, spun and paid 7 quid. I upped it to £1 a spin a got a full line that paid £75. Went on horus to play £2 spins and cash out when I went down to £50. Hit the feature on Horus for £2 and it paid £500.played the odd £50 and ended up cashing out £500. Not bad considering I was down to 20p 😁😁😁
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    My ex wife's fanny is safe, she never let's anyone near it.
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    Not convinced. By the same principle ATMs and train ticket machines would have to go too
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    Thanks for your help. Going in to the last day it's as follows. King in the North £229.04 Mentholdan £225.00 Even if we both draw a blank tomorrow we'll both be showing a health profit over the four days. Happy Days. 😁
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    Good going thus far and £20 E/w on the last made my day.....
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    I like your style Mayfield, very entertaining. I just want to stress we are NOT tipping, Neither of us have ever suggested we are tipping horses and we've both gone to great lengths to stress that we are just making public our selections. Neither of us want to mislead people into thinking we get info or anything like that and our picks are just our own idea of the winner from how we read the race. We don't want people losing their hard earned on acoount of us. It's uncanny that of the three horses we both picked, so far two have won and at very nice prices. 😁 I'm enjoying your comments though, great fun.
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    Here we go, good luck all!
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    OK, here goes, selections for day one. 1.30 Chantry House. 2.10 Fakir D'oudaries. 2.50.The Conditional. 3.30.Call Me Lord. 4.10 Elfile. 4.50 Espoir De Guye. 5.30 Ravenhill.
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    If you are having a bet at Cheltenham and your not a regular punter watch out for the jockey colours!!! Certain owners will have multiple runners in many of the races, for example JP Mcmanus may have 3,4 or5 runners in one race all wearing the same colours but they will all be wearing a different colour cap, green, white or gold or a mix of all three so to make life easier for yourself check the right colours for your horse. Also, I mentioned two female jockeys, Rachel Blackmore and Bryony Frost, these two ladies are AS GOOD AS ANY MALE Jockey and better than most. Blackmore is the stronger of the two while Frost is probably the better of the two when it comes to jockeyship, horses do seem to run for her. It would be great to see these two fighting out the finish in a major race.
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    To write down everyrhing you've learned over the years about horseracing In general would be the equivalent of writing war and peace. So keep checking back for snippets and and basic trivia. The King In The North is helping by uploading his comments, you can't have too much information and you can't remember everything. It would be fun if he and I had a Cheltenham challenge, 1 selection in every race over the four days and see who comes out best from a £1 imaginary level stake. So what do you think King, are you up for a fun challenge?
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    I don’t play much online nowadays but had a small go tonight and had worse results off a 40p spin.. 😀
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    On the stream on Sunday you could not see twitch chat Darren
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    Worms Reloaded or Top Cat 👍🏼
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    Not a huge bonus as I had a lot of dead spins but this one definitely contains a monster win if your lucks in, Anyone else played this yet?
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    Got good feeling for you Darren 🤞🤞🤞
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    Nice win for 40o though, very nice.
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    Cant watch live, but can you put the session up after on youtube to catch up on 🙂
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    I have never had the bonus on this slot, played it a couple of times. Today 1st press £40 roll in 4 pressed later JP!
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    I even got a £358 win on el torro after watching your video mate 😂👍🏻
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    It’s getting bad. Even the guy who walks around wearing a sandwich board saying ‘the end is nigh’ is working from home today.
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    I took the opportunity to use a wetwipe from work on my phone today. Probably something we should all do time to time to stop infection spread. I do wonder if we are going to come out of this over sanitising our environment though. Do we need a little dirt in life to build immunity?
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    It was too short to make a full video out of, but I know a lot of people have been asking for Rainbow Riches Bingo. This was the pot bonus. I've never had an actual pot win from this game! 20200309_131622.mp4
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    Can I have the doll when you've finished with it? 😁😁
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    The Government sensibly has deferred to the chief medical officer and other qualified, non political, experts. There are real serious implications for shutting down parts of society. It's not about protecting the economy as I've seen some on twitter and Facebook mention. It's about society being able to cope and function. Schools as a starting example. What happens if they are closed down? Parents have to stay home to look after them (unless we want to risk sending the seemingly unaffected supercarriers to go to grandparents and infect the vulnerable age groups). Parents staying home means some doctors and nurses will have to stay home. People will still need supplies so they have to go shopping but stores can't open because staff are looking after kids. When they can open they haven't got supplies because the production line was understaffed as people were at home looking after kids and the producers that did get made couldn't be delivered because so many are at home looking after kids because we shut down schools. And of course anyone that doesn't have kids but could go to work will struggle when public transport can't be properly staffed. Then come May when everyone is fed up with restrictions the need for them to be in place will properly kick in and the benefit will be lost as people ignore it. The health service will suffer massively too because there will be a fresh wave of new cases instead of a steady flow. Discharged patients in icu replaced by new serious cases. Mild cases staying away from hospitals and surgeries. A vaccine for this is months and months away. The spread won't be stopped. The need now is to control the rate. If fewer people build resistence now the second wave will be just as devastating. If healthy people build resistance now and a second wave comes later in the year spread will be slowed as fewer people will be able to be infected and spread as they already have immunity.
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    I hope none of the stable lads was going to ask Gary Moore for a sub tonight. . He's a miserable fucker when he's winning.
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    Cashed out 1k from the account today. Gotta leave some for a bit o fun. 😊
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    It would be great if you can keep the score please Mayfield. Like the King said he can't be arsed with race analysis as there's so much going on plus I'm working for a few hours every morning. 😁
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    My Day 2 choices..... 1.30 Cheltenham - The Big Breakaway 2.10 Cheltenham - Slate House 2.50 Cheltenham - Dame De Compagnie £10 e/w treble
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    Well done @Mentholdan good judge. Leg 1 of the double up 🤞
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    They socks were quite funky too. Hopefully you can pick a winner at Cheltenham with your free bets
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    In these times, I'd have to say that's a waste of valuable toilet paper. 😜
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    It’s a process of elimination 🤣🤣🤣
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    Betting more? No. Depositing more it depends on how it has been achieved.
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    Some guesses for Tuesday: 1 FiddlerontheRoof 13/2 2 Esprit Du Large 11/1 3 Espante 7/2 4 No bet on the mares race between the front 2 so no value imho. 5 Mithouka 33/1 6 Sprinfield Fox 7/1 The races can be a bit of a lottery and not always won by the best form horse. Mine are just a rabid bunch that have won on testing tracks/conditions at places like Thurles, Exeter, Sandown, Fairyhouse, Kempton and Hereford. Gone ew on the 5 fold and win trebles. On the day I will back the singles on the exchange because realistically one winner would be profit and a good result.
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    Panic buying something just to wipe your arse is ludicrous, besides, doesn't affect me, I use water and a brillo pad.
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    It's me actually, after realising what I've let myself in for with The King In The North.
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    Build the swarm to the final part of level 4 on a small stake then switch to a bigger stake. It can be incredibly volatile taking ages to pop the swarm and pay a terrible bonus. It is a good game for streamers but for low rollers like me best to stick to small stakes and trying different slots.
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    The Cheltenham Festival is jump racings equivalent of Royal Ascot. The best Hurdlers and Chasers in the UK and Ireland will be out in force to stake their claim as the best horse in their class. Irish trainers do very well at the festival, Willie Mullins and Gordon Elliot are the two big guns but keep an eye out for anything trained by A "Tony" Martin, especially if it's being backed at long odds and it may pay this year to look out for any horses trained by Joseph O'brien. The top British trainers are Nicky Henderson, Paul Nicholls, Colin Tizzard, Alan King, Olly Murphy, Dan Skelton, Nigel Twiston Davies, these guys seldom come away without a winner. Jockeys to look out for are Robbie Power, Aiden Coleman, Nico de Boinville, Sam Twiston Davies, Harry Skelton, Richard Johnson, Briony Frost, Rachel Blackmore, Jamie Codd is a superb amateur Jockey, as good as any pro and a young jockey making a name for himself is Jonjo O'Neil Jr.
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    Anyway Let’s crack on with the event itself. For anyone who’s a bit of a Cheltenham virgin here’s some tips to have an excellent 4 days either at the track, on the sofa or down the pub with your mates! 1, check out the offers, bookies are literally falling over themselves for your business! I hope Darren doesn’t mind but here’s 2 to start with: Bet 365 are going to double your money up to £100 if you’re a new customer so if you fancied spending £100 over the 4 days you can double your fun! Sky are doing their usual on the 1st race every day, if your fancy loses you get your money back up to £10. It’s literally a free bet. Mind though it only applies to the first bet you stake in the race! 2, Most winners will cone from the fist 5or6 in the market so if you focus your study around these animals you’ll give yourself a good chance. Of course there will be some 33/1 chances spring a surprise! 3, I hate bets like the L-15 (sorry @Mentholdan I know you love your L-15), they are literally the bookies best friend. That’s said most people like the prospect of a big win for a little outlay, just don’t expect the Earth! Target singles to make a little profit and if you’re doing well increase your unit stake to try and take advantage! Let’s say you’re betting £5 a race and find after day 1 your £100 up, consider betting a little more (maybe up it to £7.50 a race) and see if your form is holding, if it goes wrong simply drop the stake back down again! 3, Nothing wrong with each way betting, especially in the big handicaps! Check the offers again! Is there a bookie paying 5 or 6 places! Just remember to check the place terms haven’t changed. In a big handicap you should be offered 4 places at 1/4 odds but some bookies entice you in by offering more place but they cut the fraction to 1/5 or even 1/6 😮. 4, The placepot is a great fun bet over the first 6 races each day and often Cheltenham placepot dividends can run easily into 4 figures! I know a few folk who’ve cracked it for a couple of quid and walked away with over a grand!!!! 5, Cheltenham is a marathon not a sprint! If you’ve had a losing first day, don’t panic! There still 3 days and 21 races left! The worst thing you can do is try and chase, you’ll dig a deeper hole. Patience is key! Theres 5 to get you started, I’ll post a few more between now and Tuesday!
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    Where do you start and where would it end? There will be more people shopping on the high Streets all over the UK than the Cheltenham crowd. Shut down all the bookies to stop people contacting the virus by handling banknotes, slips and coming in contact with the Fobts? . Stepandstop is off to see Morrisey, cancel that too? Your weekly shop and how about Sunday Church services? Where will I go to pray for a winner? What about the rush hours in the commute to and from work? I don't think we can blame greedy bookies on this one, you either carry on as usual in all that you/we do or it's total containment which basically means the whole of the UK comes to a standstill.
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    Just noticed what you highlighted Darren about pre determined bonuses. I play a few games online where your balance goes up before you even play the feature. Can be annoying before you even choose the symbol it has already paid it out.
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    With all due respect, make sure people are aware they are not tips but his selections.. as far as what I've seen hes just picking horses. I'd hate to see people putting money on them thinking its insider info and losing. A chunk of the vocal community seem to be people on gamstop and people who may have issues with gambling.
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    Here we go, first video. Nice and short but not great quality sadly. Can't figure out how to mute sound on YT so you'll have to do that yourself (unless you like rubbish music). Going to tart up channel over the next week or so.
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