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    Sunday’s won’t be the same again 😔 thanks for the last 10 weeks or so Darren 👍
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    The 256x symbol on final countdown, never seen it before! shame i lowered the bet because the balance was going down haha
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    £2,700 deposit - £44k cash out - not bad 🙂
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    Oh that’s a shame much preferred the bonus wheel live stream
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    Sunday live streams were the highlight of the week Darren. I appreciate you want to settle back in to the old format but please consider a regular live stream as it appears there are many of us that thoroughly enjoyed our Sunday evenings with you.
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    That's a huge shame of much prefer to to sack off the weekday videos and just do a weekly stream
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    The best laid plans.. Wedding anniversary in 2 weeks so plan was to get a shout out for my lovely wife. That’ll teach me 😂 Thanks for all the videos. We all so wanted to see you get a BIG win live
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    Really enjoyed the Sunday live 🙁
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    Noooooo that’s a shame prefer your live videos 😞
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    Jammin jars and sword of the grail insane on low steak ! Jamming jars on 20p !! Whole session deposited £10 cashed out £750!!!!!!
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    12 people maximum allowed in the shop I've been in, once they reach 12 they have to lock the doors until someone leaves. There's no toilets and there's screens between all of the machines. You can stay in as long as you like, there's no time limit, but you can't sit next to each other! There's also no bingo / 49's so as to prevent people from staying for a long time between games. Bets closed around 6 minutes before a race to prevent queuing and rushing to the counter. There's no time limit on the terminals, and many of the new slots on premium play were 91%, which is a drop from the 94% prior to the lockdown. The old slots were still on their original percentages.
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    What a session , deposited £13 withdrew a whopping £200 this is one of the nice wins from the session on dog house 17 free spins
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    Darren winning! prefer new slots - old ones just seem to eat
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    No, I won't go back in either. It's given me a chance to take a step back and have a good look. There is nothing there for me. P.S. Not even for a whizz if I'm desperate P.P.S Perhaps in the doorway
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    Great result! I hope you've withdrawn it, or at least most of it. Rick and Morty is great, but very difficult to bonus.
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    I must admit, I was a little apprehensive about opening this thread after reading the title.... 😉 But that’s a cracking result - if I play blackjack, I always have a punt on the side bets as it’s the best way to make a quick return for a low stake. Nice work MillarSlots 👍
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    Yes - not going back - And I won't miss the FFFFFING TOILETS!
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    Hears your announcement on Thursday's video and was delighted. Really looking forward to seeing the live stream next Sunday.
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    £700 up over 3 days and a football bet in play. I'm done for FOBT now till a wekk Monday at least. Saving pennies for some Pub machine play.
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    Yep. Same day as pubs and hairdressers. Got my barbers appointment for Thursday 9 July
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    Had a very nice result in BetFred today, all on my lowly 25p stake. Genie popped out and I got Megaways - this was the outcome. The winlines are a bit clearer on the second photo.
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    I’ve got a photo of my misses CHESTS but I’m not going to share them 😁
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    Chests all the way across pays well!
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    They are supposed to be on, they were told in their guidance notes to clean them every hour, but the way things are, that could change at a moments notice.
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    What a great result! They are so volatile, it's not really worth playing them on £2 stake with the £500 limit.
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    yea agree with the comments aswell!think £2 stake but play the slots that you no will play well!leave the new slots to the bookies!me and the missis really love your sunday night bonus hunts!its really nice seeing you talk to your followers
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    nice one darren live sunday night bonus hunts start again 1 week sunday!!
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    ‘Come on jack. Yes! Holy craps!’ - StopandStep 2019
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    I’d love to see the Sunday streams continue as well mate. Even if it means a loss of something else through the week instead. I watch all you post anyway, loved the streams the most though. I was also working out a ‘questions Darren is asked’ bingo card or even drinking game 😂 What is the video game behind you btw? 🤪
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    Finally pays after several rubbish bonuses
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    Hey everyone, there won't be a live video tonight. I'm going to go back to the original schedule of Tuesday, Wednesday for bookies and Thursday and Friday online. I'll announce a new streaming schedule shortly. Have a great evening 🙂
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    Ffs Darren live streams are better then the shifty bookies videos was waiting for a live stream tonight hope you change this and do live stream on a Sunday bit pissed off if I'm honest was looking forward to it
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    Ahh that’s a really a shame. I was pressing refresh on YouTube 🤣🤣 and knew something was up. Those Sunday videos became something I looked forward to. Thanks for all the past streams you’ve done though, I really enjoyed them all.
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    Your husband is a Scot of that I have no doubt, that’s what they’re called up here “puggies”!
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    Well done Mike, enjoy your win. 😁
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    Oh yes he can 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 Get in my son
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    When racing resumes on Monday I expect to see loads of races with the MAXIMUM permitted runners. After the lay off, trainers will be keen to get a run under the horses belts so fields of 16 runners and more would, "I imagine" be of the norm. I can see horses winning at huge prices and favourites getting turned over left right and centre. I shall be betting from day 1 of the return but just for fun and a bit of interest as something to watch on the TV. I may be totally wrong of course but I doubt it. Keep it fun until the form settles down a bit, I think there will be many surprises. I'm not 100% sure to be honest if a maiden can run in the Derby but if they are, it's by no means impossible to see the Derby won by a horse that's never set foot on a Racecourse before.
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    Hello Dude , love the vids , site looks great
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    Welcome return to Ladbrokes
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    I just got email from coral to say Monday they will be open Inc FOBTs They will have have a plastic divider between Each machine so deran will be ok
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    Hey guys, Thanks for following through Step! ☺ Yes i received my winnings to my bank account today. For all the bad press the casino has, from my own personal experience things went smoothly and ran accordingly to timeframes. Perhaps i was just the lucky one? Thank you for your help and guidance. Hope your well & take care please.
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    Once places start opening up again I'll go back to the original schedule, which will have one on Tuesday 🙂 (That should be next Tuesday)
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    Thankyou Darren for the reassurance, I will update on here as to how it goes. I only won early hours of Saturday morning so i'm not expecting to hear anything just yet but my mind is running away with me. Thankyou too Step and Stop for your comment, How can you check an independent review of a casino? Counting down the minutes to the live stream, A good distraction for me right now!
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    Jammin jars. White Rabbit Gorilla Kingdom Book of Dead Pink Elephants Lucky lady Charm Danger High Voltage Any good???
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    Good to see someone winning mate had couple big wins myself this week.
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    I've got a buddy that works in a seaside arcade and i asked him if they are open on the 15th, here's what he said..
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