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  1. Nice 860x won on genie jackpots. Stay safe folks .
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  2. Great I watched the live, loved the idea of the spinning wheel , you should keep having a go every so often on flame busters , it has been insane for me the last couple of weeks ,
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  3. Don't gamble online it's far more dangerous than playing in the bookies an arcades, withdraw cash don't take your bank card,I think when you have cash an your putting it in machines realization kicks in, it's a click of a button online is to easy to accessible,I also think arcades are better than bookies, I'm wondering if you have done online gambling before due to the fact you have asked your bank not to allow it,I have played online for years an have now joined gamstop, gambling is a downhill spiral that causes nothing but heartache an misery, I've now got to learn to live without it after
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