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  1. Agreed, also... Any slot can throw out massive wins but it can take months to see another one, unless you are playing everyday 100's of spins. I had to nanny myself and close/limit accounts to small deposits because they get inside your head that you just need to play a bit more to see a wild line or good bonus. A £20 deposit would extend into a £100+ slot session, which for me on normal wages isn't sensible. Best thing to do is switch games after 30-50 spins, if they are ready to pay they shouldn't take 200 spins and by then you might only break even. I put on my sports/lottery bets and
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  2. Honestly, I’d say it depends. If it’s an addiction then you may have problems with watching the content. Some people may say that you should cut all ties with gambling, others say that you need to do what works for you. If it’s just a habit, then I’d say you’re well on the way to breaking it. About a decade or so ago, I was in a similar position, spent a lot of my spare time in the bookies and arcades, primarily out of boredom, and it became a routine. I decided to break the habit and distracted myself, thankfully the new iPhone had plenty of Apps to play with. Still to this day I play Cl
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  3. Evening all, I came to point in September where I realised I need to make changes to get the most out of life-I’m only 37, a dad of one, have a good job and life however I have never been able to shake the gambling bug. Currently I’m just under 4 weeks without a bet on football/horses and the same for FOBTs which given my extensive habit for 15/16 years, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m over the ‘itch’ to constantly gamble for now but I certainly won’t be complacent and I’ve registered with gamstop, Moses (Casinos) and self-excluded from bookies. My
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  4. Been there, done that so I feel your pain. although slightly older than you, I started way younger on slots at caravan park holidays...hitting £30 aged 10 was the first step down this road I guess! Been trying to stop on and off for near on 10 years. Even been made bankrupt in that time with a hefty five-figures. Am coming up for 4 weeks gambling and bet free but it will always be an issue. Made changes such as getting a new bank account to block gambling (hopefully mentioning it’s monzo won’t be an issue on here!), gamstop online, self-exclusion from bookies.
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