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    So I was just in my local hills (which is closing this Sunday) and they must have been having a closing down sale. I put £40 in one machine and it crashed, so switched to another and started playing reel king. On about the tenth press the machine stuttered and displayed the below screen! Didnt believe it was genuine until I took the ticket to the counter! I've never seen that screen before on reel king!
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    I just got my weekly tenner from PP with a message that the RTP on Horus is up at 96.3% so I thought why not, Set it to 50 spins at 20p and got the bonus with 2 retriggers. Then upped the ante to £5 a spin with the winnings. 😁😁😁😁
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    If you have a local bookies and the staff are friendly, you could always have a quiet word. When I worked in ladbrokes, we had a few regulars who would get sucked in to playing when they didnt want to. One fella was a real old timer, proper nice chap and had bet his couple of quid on the horses for decades. But when the machines came out he started to struggle and would always ask us to look out for him. Mind you if it was a 7ft fella who was built like a brick shithouse, I probably wouldn't have been so willing
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    When you walk into the bookies to put your footy bets on get a mental picture in your head of your wife and family, nothing in the world is worth jeopardising them for. You say your wife moniters your spending, that's no way to be in a marriage, she should be able to trust you implicitly. Have you explained any of this and your problem to her? Good luck my friend.
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    Self-exclude from the bookies and either quit the footy bets or ask someone to put them on for you?
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    Mmmm Saint Darren of Devon.... It has a kind of ring to it lol
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    Thanks, I dont think I'll ever see it again! I was expecting the guy to say it was a machine fault!
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    Hey Chaps.. great wins of 1480X and 420X they are the inportant numbers not the stake... WTG 👍
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    Not had a winning bet for weeks so when ladbrokes said I’ve a free £1 bet I let my wife pick the teams I slagged her off and said that won’t win I’m in the dog house
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    Just watched bits of the bandits upload and the guy has a serious problem. No matter how Uber wealthy or how much affiliate cash he’s getting this sort of gambling will eventually lead you to only one place, the bankruptcy court! Also the day will come when the UK government band this affiliate activity and some of these guys are in so deep and so thoroughly addicted they’ll go through what cash they have very quickly. Insane levels of gambling on slots, I mean it’s not even a bet where judgement or skill is required like football, horses or even NL poker! Try to put in context what he just lost regardless of its his money or not or even if he’s faking it..... A holiday worth 5k every year for 10 years A Mercedes E Class or a Jaguar XF 20% deposit on a property worth £250,000 4 Triumph Clubman R’s A full extension for an existing 3/4 bed property You get the picture.... These are the guys YouTube should be banning as what’s being promoted is simply dangerous to the average pocket, showing such high stakes (especially when they win) leads to a false impression of potential easy money (I think most on here realise that’s not the case). Fair play to him for putting up such a loss I guess but it was painful viewing.
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    Hi all I’ve just registered on gamstop with a 5 year ban does anybody know how it works does it know all the sites I use to gamble or do I have to add them all myself I need to stop before my wife leaves me it’s only the odd £20 or £50 here and there but never win and now I’m betting my phone bill money or the credit card payment so need to stop bigtime
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