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    I went into Betfred today to place a lucky 15. Paid the bet, fished around in my pocket and pulled out a handful of change to play the slots. I put 5 or 6 £1 coins in and 1 £2 coin but the 2 quid kept dropping through. I went to the counter and asked the guy to change it for two £1 coins, he duly obliged. I was sitting on the stool playi g the FOBT when I get a tap on my shoulder, "oi mate, you gotta give me those two coins back, that £2 coin is a dud" I said do you think I'd try to palm off a measly £2 dud coin on purpose? I said just sling it in the till, it'll all get sucked up when you bank it. He wouldn't have it and as his two coins were now in the machine I had to give him a £20 to take the £2 out of. As if the don't make enough fucking money.
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