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    Not been in here in a bit but thought I’d share this weeks roller coaster ride with you all..... Monday: in Laddies playing Mighty Black Knight & RR DofG mostly.... in for £1250 (£250 cash & a bag of sand on card) 😳... ended up retiring with £980 back to card.... Down £270. Tuesday: £250 in cash, up to about £500 at on point, ended up losing the lot.... Down £520. Wednesday: Lunchtime lost £750 on slots so down £1270 eeek! Evening in for £250, playing slots got up to about £500 then of all things player roulette in WH putting the max virtual £30 on (my numbers are 7 and 26 neighbours with heavy on 7,12 & 29) ended up walking out with £1250 🎉🎉🎉 still down £270 though.... Thursday: DofG sesh in Coral up and down then bar one symbol a full screen of violins 🎻 in the base game on premium play for £460, ended the session £380 up so now up £110 overall! This evening, in Hills a decent bonus on Eye of Horous followed by a couple of reasonable efforts in Luck o the Irish before playing the roulette again to great effect (double spin 7 within 20 gos)... end up profit this evening of £520!!! Total profit since Monday £630... That’s enough mad staking it for one week...
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    Just had a great feature drop on on RR free spins.£5 in on 25p spins feature dropped in for 30 spins and retriggered to 60 spins overall.bonus win of £81 not bad for 25p
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    I think a lot of people are misinterpreting random chance to be even chance. Whenever you press whatever you press it will ping a computer for a result and the computer will ping a result to the machine. Let's say 0 lose and 1 win. But in that RNG on the computer it could be that there are 9 zeros and a single 1. Random that you can win, but stacked against you.
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    I know, my se sense of humour. 😁
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    From what I can gather Mentholdan nobody came up with Boston so its a rollover next time lol
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    Cheers yes a pleasant surprise I got a £55 snow leopard bonus on 25p the other day also..only play low stakes now other stakes way too volatile
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    Go get-em Darren... I hope you have a good punt and the slot gods are on your side this time. I do like the look of Buffalo Rising. Hotel look FAB fill your belly then fill your boot.
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    I think ill auction them off, I'll have to be accurate with the wording though, "slightly soiled" 😁
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    Having a bit of a rammy with this mob again. Playing Heart of the jungle yesterday and get free spins., takes the 8 free spins x 5 multiplier as the other options are still locked. However with one spin to go the game freezes at £72.40 balance. Tried reloading and it says the usual , unfished game press ok, it spins the 7 th spin and sticks at same bit. Sent screenshots and they said sorry you have no stuck games on your account. I then emailed them again this morning and the response at 14:21pm was sorry we cant read the date or time on the screenshots, please resend. they also add at this stage the only action is to close the game and all progress will be lost, but you will be able to play after this. I though aye right. I then resend at 14:49pm to which a reply from them at 14:32pm says thanks for the screenshots we will add this to your case. Sorry guys if I am waffling I just need to take my anger out on the keyboard
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