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    Just joined up. Been watching for years and as im a member on similar forums i thought id join. Interested to see what you'll be doing for your next subscriber special.
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    Not in the bookies, but on the arcade version. I hadn't noticed, until I noticed there was a cancel option for the repeat chance. Thought I was going crazy, until I checked a on a jackpot brothers YouTube video; Check 30.30, it's the same on the other games in the video too. Sorry could find an SnS video with the £100 jackpot.
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    Hi everyone ! been watching the vids, think they are great, that good I’ve given up gambling on the slots on-line 😊👍🏻. i can’t put in the cash that stopandstep does so my thinking is, the tiny amounts I gambled I had no chance of a win so all good 😊👍🏻 Keep up up the great work of keeping me off these machines. Hope this doesn’t put off your sponsorships 🤔
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    I played Napoleon today in Betfred, £50 in, £1 per spin, one win of £1, got the bonus 3 times "10 spins" each time paid £0 with the message "unlucky, better luck next time"
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