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    Thanks to everyone for entering, my destination was Malta. Congratulations to the first five people who correctly guessed, you have each won a £100 Amazon voucher. The winners are: @TheJackJock @Glen @Jaydon @Andy123 @Witchem Please message me from the account you registered from so the prizes can be sent to you.
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    https://youtu.be/9ejRfZy9JtE Decent free spins
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    I’ll give you a clue on what Darren looks like look at his cartoon character 👍
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    I'll be 63 in April and I consider it my right to be irritable. 😁😁😁
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    Both Extra Chilli and Vikings unleased are really hard work and more than often let you down on any bonus you might get... I'm more concerned that Who want to be a millionaire megaways is going the same way also.
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    The concept is a disgrace and I think your video hi-lighted that Darren so you did the world a service with that one. It also seemed a little strange to see you buying in at that stake as it is not your regular MO... You are the £2 man with the odd crazy gamble who puts a bit of reality into slot playing, limits his losses and walks away when winning.
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    Jimi Hendrix plays well on low stakes
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    I've had lots of luck on Ted at 40p Sometimes takes an hour or so but more often than not I come out with a good win. Also very enjoyable game play!
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    Hey guys, post your slot requests and sensible slot challenge ideas here. I'll try and play them all but some may take longer to get to than others. Slot challenge ideas can be anything sensible and within reach, such as 'play such and such Blueprint for every bonus', 'try to get 50 free spins on...'. That kind of thing.
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    Fishing frenzy please mate had a decent win on a 40p stake last night. it's a very volatile slot, but it's been paying well for me. Love the video shout out please Darren
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    Temple Of Treasures! It’s definitely in BetFred and PP.
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    Raging Rhino original, Pragmatic Play slots, Motorhead, Queen Of Riches, Golden Goddess, Dragon's Luck Power Reels, Wicked Tales, Dark Red, Immortal Romance and the reskins.. They can all pay well on low stakes and fun to play which is important for me. I can't stand playing boring Blueprints or megaways paying out 12p wins.
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    One winner today 10-1 2 seconds and 1 unplaced. Returns £31. From my last 8 selections that's 1 winner, 6 seconds and 1 unplaced. Just have to keep plugging away, today's return = 2 more lucky 15s paid for.
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    yeah I find it annoying ,and misleading at times too, I agree it should happen at x50 and above if it needs to happen at all!
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    Cracking win! Thumbs up on the video from me 👍
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    Excellent.... Enjoy the fruits of your victory
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    Just to update I had the withdrawal go in my bank today, they take their time but they seem very reputable and the customer service on chat is the best I've had from that kind of site.
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    Shares in gambling companies hit following fears online stakes may be reduced reduced The Gambling Commission will decide in the next sixth months whether stakes for online gambling should be reduced Racing Post 1 of 1 By Bill Barber5:06PM, FEB 13 2020 Bookmaker shares fell sharply on Thursday after it emerged the Gambling Commission had committed to decide in the next six months on whether stakes for online gaming should be reduced. The regulator's chief executive Neil McArthur made the pledge when appearing before the influential Gambling Related Harm All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Wednesday. Last November more than a billion pounds was wiped from gambling stocks after the APPG produced a report calling for the stakes for online casino games to be brought in line with those on FOBTs in betting shops, which were reduced to £2 in April. After the latest news, William Hill shares were down more than seven per cent at 181.95p on Thursday afternoon, shares in Ladbrokes Coral's parent company GVC Holdings fell nearly six per cent at 876.6p, and Paddy Power Betfair's parent company Flutter Entertainment's share price was down around two per cent at 8,602p. A spokesperson for the Gambling Commission said: "We said last October that we would be looking at online stake limits as part of our work to reduce the risks of gambling-related harm. "This work is in addition to us focusing on VIP practices, advertising technology and game design. We will publish our assessment and next steps for online stakes and further protections later this year." The government has said it will review the 2005 Gambling Act, "to make sure it is fit for the modern age". Trade body the Betting and Gaming Council said in a statement: "We want to have a betting and gaming industry in this country which is not just the best in class, but which also ensures we don’t drive people towards betting on harmful unregulated black markets. "We're working hard with the Gambling Commission and with the government on their review to ensure effective regulation." Analysts at Goodbody said that since the APPG published its report "this issue has seen increased interest from investors". Goodbody questioned whether a limit would be introduced and also whether it would be as low as £2. However, they added: "Certain politicians may not rest until a significant stake reduction is introduced." from the racing post 5 mins ago
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    I hope so... up to £2 a spin is more than enough for the vast majority of players
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    Still think you would have had more fun in Skegness😁
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    Yeah watched it twice and can't get the attraction. £4 return for a £100 bonus buy for a minimum x10 multiplier is all wrong. Promotion eh what next Sir Seaton Slots
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    My biggest wins started with £100 and got very lucky on blackjack even managed to hit suited trips 😁
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    Great win even with all of those dead spins. You should be fine on getting paid, I had a quick look and they are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, so I'm pretty sure you'll be fine.
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    Jesus rob I’m jealous AGAIN nice win sir 👍
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    Good stream to put up and not impressed based on your play over 10 buy ins. Even taking into account volatility it was horrible to watch, must have been awful to play. Clearly circumnavigating Gambling Commission in spirit at least. Having said that Premium Play has continued in high street bookies. My guess is the Gambling Commission will eventually catch up and clamp down hard. The greed of bookies/gaming sites stops them from seeing how much harm they do to long term credibility. Astonishing short-sightedness.
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    I wondered what you were doing last night when watching you play in a Motorway Services outlet with their somewhat poor RTP's. Then I remembered you must have been on your way to London for the ICE shindig... Just hope you booked into the Savoy to make my prediction on 22 Jan in the giveaway post correct. Although the missus is still convinced you are heading for Skegness!
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    I asked you to play inspector gadget but realized you have already done a video of it.
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    I'll be starting my horseracing selections on here again very soon, weekends and big meetings for the time being and then everyday where applicable when the flat season starts again. Cheltenham and Aintree in March and April so great racing coming up. I'll put pics of my bets up, "always lucky 15s" so you can see I'm putting my money where my mouth is. 😁
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    Don't play online but assume coin value is per line so 10 coin per line on a 20 winline slot would have a bet value of £2
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    Looks more like my losses.
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    I stuck a tenner in a pub machine today, chose the random rather than compensated games and some payouts were in the 70s% on my low 20/25p spin.... managed to get to a fiver up but lost that and left with my original tenner! Anyway, there’s a game called Prism Eye in Coral that pays 94% on all stakes. However it is the calmest game ever. I think that’s the opposite of volatile? If you stick £100 on £2 auto play through it, I’d guess you’d end up with £90ish. StopandStep - if you ever want to bore your growing audience, play that! 😉
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    Not really sure I understand the pictures, but they’re numbers many times bigger than I’ve ever won! Nice work! 🙂
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    im kinda new here so forgive me if this has been covered before , i watched a video last night and it was like wow , check it out ...
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    I really enjoyed today's bonus hunt, glad to see you persevering with Horus megaways. I hope you go back to book of Irish sometime, I'm convinced there's a big payout on that slot.
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    No it was exactly £300 so cazza close mate 👌
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    OMG! That's got to be a record!
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    why play megaways against normal games . its 2 different games surely the is nothing to compare ?? 1st bonus you get after 300 spins pays 100x the other bonuses after 5 spins and pays 10x . who wins ? pointless . but some nice hits there darren
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    Just a creative way to do a slots video - wouldn't have thought of this one myself so top marks for trying something different
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    I liked the idea, but thought it was more fair to compare how soon/much they cost to bonus. Like genie jackpots megaways, took £500 to bonus. But I liked the concept was a bit different
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    Had 40 spins today paid £202 any had more ?
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    Thanks for playing kings off honour today mate 👍🏻
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    Should have gone to specs avers. 🤑🤑🤑
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    Hi, I've got Sweet Success for tonight's bonus hunt. There aren't really three different bonuses on it, they are all Deal or No Deal style games with just more free spins on the higher you get.
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    Hi daz Can you do a session on wild knights please in ladbrokes premium play of course.
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    Would like to see kings of honour
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    Play Eye of Horus until you get £500 on the bonus. Ha! Only kidding....
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