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  2. Well done! What stake were you on? I've only ever won the multipliers.
  3. Congratulations in order. 😁😁
  4. Nice win my mate, happy days.. I've had success on safecracker, think it spun in 6 safes randomly , il have to have a go at legacy , it looks interesting. Cheers for that good luck .
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  6. Just the ones I have kind of mentioned like Mighty Griffin and Bar X Safe Cracker. Tried Legacy of the Gods one just now and had a decent win. Free spins option were 15 and multiplier goes up X1, 10 and multiplier goes up X2, 5 and multiplier goes up X3 or random choice. I went for 10 spins and multiplier went up to X34.
  7. Nice 😎 good to know that someone actually does win those 😲
  8. I was just intrested to see if some peoole thought games played better o one particular stake thats all. This is of course rubbish.
  9. Sorry some corrections to spelling
  10. I finally won a pot on the jackpot king feature. I won’t the regal bot totalling £8693.27
  11. Scrap that, here's a link for June opening. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/may/26/talking-horses-betting-shops-may-reopen-in-time-for-royal-ascot
  12. As far as I can tell bookies won't be open until July, but it looks like arcades and service station arcades will be able to open on the 15th of June.
  13. You're right vautour , I seem to get frequent decent wins on Genie though , if anyone can suggest a game similar to the gameplay of Genie il give it a go. What games are good for you vautour? 🤔
  14. seems to be your favourite game that Bridgey 😎 not one I have ever taken to myself though ✋
  15. Nice 550x .. little 10p staked can do you proud especially on Genie Jackpots Megaways. Keep safe all.
  16. The RTP on any slot stays the same ONLINE no matter what stake 10p-£40 bookies RTP is lower if played on a smaller stake (see darrens videos) please correct me if I’m wrong 😢
  17. Do you really think games play differently on different stakes?
  18. Yesterday
  19. Just ignore me didn't read it properly.
  20. Can't speak for others but I wouldn't play £3 stake on any game
  21. Is this just the date for businesses in England.
  22. Would anyone still be happy to go in there? The only thing staff can really do is to disinfect the machines after each use and maybe not allow more than 4 people to watch the races in store.
  23. You know what I’m looking forward to watching somebody play on a fobt i collect all the odd amounts that people leave on them like 4p and when I’ve got to £1 i play fishing frenzy 😁😁😁
  24. Just browsing through the BBC and this story came through as ‘breaking news’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52801727 And according to the Gov website, bookies and arcades come under ‘non-essential shops’ https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/shops-and-branches I may be putting 2 and 2 together and making 5, but it looks like the FOBTs will be raking it in once more very soon as long as they can maintain social distancing. But I bet I still get some idiot standing right next to me telling me how I should play my 20p stakes....
  25. Hi all, I’ve been playing the new beetlejuice megaways slot on a lot on different stakes. The greatest returns and common wins seem to be on £3 stake. So far, it’s not let me down and £150 spent on this stake has always returned a greater profit. It gave me the bonus with a win of over £500 and then a back up spin put me back on the bonus for another £400+. The in game play wins are also really good. Total stake for this was £33.00 Worth giving it a try. Good luck. Remeber - only gamble what you can afford to lose.
  26. Hey Stop & Step, Been a viewer of you vids longer than a subscriber and do like your stuff. Just wanted to give a bit of heads-up re Monopoly Megaways as I know there's been a fair few requests for it on the live bonus hunt and I would highly advise to take the game off the wheel if it is on there as you have a zero hope of getting the bonus on the £200 limit. The overall means of getting the feature is a little complicated at first but essentially you're building up houses as you go round the board and get extra houses when you land on a property following 3 consecutive wins (these can build up to more houses elsewhere if further wins are obtained directly following those first 3 consecutive wins). There are a huge number of dead squares so you'll often find 3 wins doesn't even give you a house. Round and round the board you go and once a property has built up 5 house then the feature is triggered. Less incredible luck is on your side you will find yourself with numerous properties with 4 houses and the game never actually landing on them following 3wins. The minimum free spins is 8 but by then you will have more than likely got and additional 4 for the stations and start on 3x multiplier with E.C and Waterworks. If subsequent spins resulting in the opening of the trigger are winners and you move round the board before the bonus starts it is possible to increase the starting number of spins but this is rare. Your houses are saved so you can leave and comeback with everything you've built up intact. Over two nights on pokerstars I played $1 stakes initially with £358. This dropped down to £180 after approx 400 spins with my biggest base game win being $10.80. I left it, got lucky cheaply on Horus for $100ish then went to poker and got ultimately got very lucky on a $60 spin&go for $665 which gave me a balance of $820ish - I think about £670. With a reasonably tidy balance I went back to Monopoly where with so many 4sets of houses built up I couldn't see it costing more than £100 for the feature which i reckoned with mini wins would give me 200spins. That went - so too did another £100. I withdrew £400 to bank leaving £70 and left it for the night. Next day got back to it - had an amazing cheap win of $360 on Horus Megaways on $0.60 stakes and with appx £350 in account was sure the next £100 on Monopoly would give the feature. Well the first ton busted and then just as the next ton was about to blow it finally landed. Whoop Whoop I say. Now i'm realistic, and while the machine can give pretty decent multiples of 500x - 1000x + I'm saying that anything between 100 - 200x would be something given that's not even the minimum to get in. It wouldn't even cover what I'd put in that evening let alone the £570 total but I'd be happy with that. $15.35 - yes - 15 f'ing dollar 35c no re-trigger and no increased multiplier on what had to be somewhere close to 2000 $1 spins. Best base game win was $30, second best was $18. Absolutely horrendous and i take it on the chin, but in a way worse is that all the houses i didn't land on during the bonus are there ready and waiting for me to go again!!! Now yes - i've since seen a stack of vids with massive wins, but the good videos show the cost to get to the feature and it is generally quite significant - 3-400 spins min and then generally a shocking 1st feature. You may want to test it out and do a feature on it independently - I wouldn't advise that personally, in my eyes it truly is grotesque but others may say different. I can only strongly suggest to definitely get it off the bonus hunt wheel - I 100% guarantee the 1st £200 will not give a feature - of course that's all up to you. Take it easy and looking forward to the next vid. O
  27. How about progressive stake, ie start at the lowest stake then win higher than stake, up the stake win higher again and up the stake, if you dont win drop back down and if you get a bonus on the lower stake make your next stake start higher and so on until your slot allowance of £200 is reached or you have had a bonus on each stake you play and if you do exceptionally well maybe increase your max stake limit to £3-£5
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