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  2. Playing all the age of gods themed slots for 100 spins each
  3. Fishing frenzy power 4 play please
  4. Today
  5. could be dont have it on virgin games yet so cant check
  6. Surely it will be the same as the Greyhound themed one. A multiplier opportunity?
  7. Luck of the Irish megaways
  8. Reactoonz please the bonus is bonus hunt friendly once the pink bar lights up you can go off the game
  9. That rally racing slot. i wanna see what happens when you get first.
  10. Will be following Darren's picks tonight to see how that goes this time
  11. I would drop Millionaire & Donuts. Millionaire bonus is mostly not great and I've yet to see a decent bonus on Donuts its a rancid slot a bit Like Dead and Alive II which I fail to understand why even the streamers bother with.
  12. I wouldnt trust the form from that race. Enterprising ride for sure, but a lot to be said for those in behind allowing a horse to have a 12L lead at 3 marker.
  13. On Ladborkes, anyone else think it is OK?
  14. good luck to whoever bets guys
  15. Yesterday
  16. They both went well but you have to be open minded about the form, especially as a track record was broken in an earlier race.
  17. 25-1 winner trained by A. O'brien, 50-1 second, 66-1 3rd. I hope you took my advice and just stuck a pin in? I did and still couldn't get one in the frame. 😭
  18. I’ve just watched a few of his videos and although they were entertaining, what got me is that I can’t relate it to it. Tapping away at the gamble button on Reel King takes some balls, but when you’re just shrugging off a £16k gamble loss with just a bit of swearing, it’s just sums of money that I can’t comprehend losing. £2 stakes on a FOBT and those 50/50 pie gambles on a £50 win for the feature is something that I can imagine myself doing (and have done in the past - 20p low roller now). Losing a 5 figure sum is unimaginable and something I could never do as I’d never forgive myself!
  19. trouble is if you like reel king then his videos are for you!the constant swearing is a bit annoying at times tho
  20. Streamers quite clearly don't gamble with their own money. They're obviously gambling with money given to them by the casinos, in a way of getting their casinos promotion and hoping gullible viewers sign up and gamble there lives away. Streamers like nickslots react in such an aggressive manor when anyone ever dares to mention its not his money he's playing slots with, it's ridiculous. I 100% think stakes will be capped in the UK soon, and the sooner the better imo I do enjoy watching streams, but the ones that are more realistic to me, the £2 or £3 stakes.
  21. £700 in on £2 spin bar 00 roulette?!?!? What an absolute clown.... Now I have been in for more than that on roulette but only when it was up to £100 per spin or live in a casino.... Doing your brains like that on £2 a go is just scary. Theres a reason he’s got comments off, doesn’t want to hear the hard truth from people
  22. I used to love the bandits videos, they were so genuine. He used to play on £2 stake and most of the time finish down, but sometimes got a decent win, I always found myself rooting for him. Then something changed, basically 90%+ of his videos ended in a win and I began to feel that it wasnt 100% genuine, either editing out bits or not being 100% genuine. Ive not watched him for a while, but the last time I watched I think he was £40,000-£50,000 and still walked away in profit. He used to talk regularly about the issues he's had in the past with gambling, so to become an affiliate and have £40k to spaff on reel king and promote a positive result most of the time, doesnt in my mind promote responsible. That's not to say he isnt entertaining.
  23. Last week
  24. It's actually fruit Mad world not slots as I said at the start. Anyway. Today's video ends at excitement to have 500 quid in the balance as he was 700 in on 2 quid roulette. Guys needs proper help. Needs self exclusion. Suspect he's a lost cause. No idea where he is getting cash from if he's a bankrupt.
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